Apple iPhone 6 support iOS8 etc.

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    Apple announced NFC* support on the iPhone 7,

    Here is the thing, there are no APIs so it's very possible the NFC support will just be for their iPay or whatever it's called..

    Details can be seen at

    This is standard Apple behavior btw, very poor developer relations and years behind the curve.

    Don't encourage people to buy an iPhone 7 on the premise it will have NFC support, it's likely it wont be full NFC support for quite some time.

    *= Not actual full NFC Support.

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    @johnyma22 *iphone 6. ;-)

    And yes, I'm expecting that NFC access will be difficult if at all possible even with the phone jailbroken, I don't expect them to hand that one around when it's being used to power their payment system.
    But the expectation is there that it will be usable for other things as well like NFC pairing. That's going to require a certain level of access by the phone.
    My lady will be getting one from the sound of it, so we shall see. It'll be tested in the shop and if it doesn't look like a good thing I'll steer her towards a Z3.

  • @Lokki said:

    lady will be getting one from the sound of i

    I am very interested in how your lady goes with it, I am a long way from an apple fan In fact I encourage everyone I know to never buy apple products however if they do a good job of NFC it may really push the entire protocol along. The one thing i do respect apple for is copying something that didn't really take off for someone else (eg. Bill gates and tablet computing) and making it hugely popular. ie. iPads.

    If it weren't for them the PC industry would still be giving us Beige boxes for computers. So I hope because of apple we start to see NFC in many more products, Fingers Crossed

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    And there we have it, a big fuck you from Apple.