Using NFC Ring to log into my Desktop

  • I have just purchased an ARC122 card reader for my computer with the aim to use it to authenticate my login details. It works perfectly well at picking up my NFC ring but I am unable to configure what I need within Windows. I hope that someone here can help even though it isn't an issue with the ring.

    I am running Windows 8.1 and I have no idea how to configure it. The reader is read by Windows as a smart card reader. This means I should be able to add this as an authentication method on my user account but I cannot work out how even with the help of google. I am feeling a little lost and hope someone can help me.

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    Hi, I'm away from my desktop computer for a week so forgive me for any autocorrelation issues I have.
    I've had a look around the net and the most relevant link I could find was this one from a third party -

    There doesn't seem to be a whole heap of info out there yet for easy setup of nfc login, it's not to say it's not out there just I haven't stumbled upon it yet.

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    did anyone test the my smart logon system (linked above)?

  • I'll have a shot a at installing the software and seeing if I can dummy it in my dev environment

  • @Lafunamor so tried this on my dev enviroment and its completely unsucseccfull at even installing

    i may have to build a new enviroment to even test it

    im currently trying on a widows 8.1 machine in a 2008r2 domain

    will cycle up a windows 7 machine and try again tomorrow

    **after manually starting the smart card services the program now works...i just need to get my hand on a card reader to play with it....

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    sounds good... I'll probably have to try it on a VM first before deploying on my work machines.... I'm a bit concerned about the software itself. Does anyone know the company or did anyone read something about it. my google searches don't return useful results of reviews or similar things.

  • My concern is the scripts required to use it on multiple machines. Basically you have to set it up manually on each machine.

    I would be concerned about usb pass through on a vm

  • I installed it but am unable to use it without a domain being setup and I really don't need that right now. I think I'll just stick with typing in my password. There goes my lazy logins.

    Edit: The app doesn't recognise the rings to be able to write the data it needs on them which renders it useless anyways. My ACR122 came with card which work but if you don't have them it is a no go.

    I saw a script for the ardunio before which used the identity of the tag to trigger a program to type in your password, not so secure but i'm going to look into it.

  • @Lafunamor

    Hi Yes I purchased this reader, the hardware reads the ring, it beeps and the light goes from red to green. however the software in that link does not read the NFC ring as a card.

    Basically the hardware is fine, the software is not.

    when going through the setup using the cards supplied it requires writing a certificate onto the card. Perhaps the card has enough space to store the certificate but the ring does not.