Ring shipped 2 months ago, not received, not getting any support replies

  • Before starting off, I'd like to point out I take no joy in putting complaints like this up on the public forum for each and all to see.
    However it really feels like a last resort to me, as it's been almost a full month since I last got a reply to my emails to your support team.

    I became a backer in July 2013, for an Alpha size ring, and was much delighted to finally get my shipping confirmation of said ring on June 27th. However until now I received nothing in the mail.

    I contacted the support team by email intially on July 9th, explaining that my order hadn't shipped after 2 weeks. I got a reply from John asking me to wait another 2 weeks, which I patiently did, however nothing arrived in those 2 weeks. So I sent an email again, and again got a reply from John, asking me to wait another 4 days, it sounded like a strange request, but hey, I've been waiting for over a year so 4 days didn't seem that much. As I suspected after another 4 days nothing in the mail still.
    So I sent again an email on July 28th, explaining that I had waited for another 5 days, and after one month still hadn't received anything.

    One week later I received what is until now my last reply from John:

    Ugh it sucks your ring failed to deliver.
    Can you please confirm your shipping address?
    Thanks for being awesome

    Off course I immediately replied with a confirmation my shipping address, however I didn't receive any sort of answer or followup, as to what you are planning to do to get me my ring.
    I sent another email to ask for an update last week, on August 19th, however also no reply.

    So I hope you understand why I'm resorting to this forum as a last chance to get and update of my ring shipment.
    Thanks in advance for following up on this.

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    hi @vyruz, don't be too worried about posting this. It's feedback and all feedback is useful, it's only the manner in which some feedback comes that makes it more or less desirable.

    I'm going to point this thread out to one of the team and see if they can do some followup on this, do you have a support ticket number for reference?

    Also I'd just like to point out that there are a couple of cases like this, it would appear that support is most likely under heavy load now with the majority of rings having been delivered and now only the problem cases remaining.
    And there's a possibility that they were waiting to see if the parcel would return marked with a reason for it's return like wrong address, recipient unavailable or possibly even a customs issue. This way they can compare whatever went wrong with the details they have and hopefully avoid the same issue in future for you and other customers.

  • Thanks for yoru response Lokki, I have two support ticket numbers:

    • 8566: First communication where John asked me to wait another 2 weeks
    • 9121: last communication where John last asked to confirm my shipping address

    I understand support can have some backlog (I worked at a helpdesk myself :-)), however it's been today one month since I last got a reply.
    I could also perfectly understand them having to do extra research, or waiting for a returning parcel like you suggest, however I'd assume to be notified of such activities instead of just keeping me in the dark.

    Thanks for picking this up and hopefully it will have some effect.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hi @vyruz

    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, as Lokkie said at the moment we have a support backlog. We are attempting to clear Oldest -> Newest at the moment. The problem with our system is that when someone sends a follow up request instead of it bumping urgency it actually pushes it to the back of the ticket queue as it counts as being recently updated.

    The best bet is if a ticket has gone unanswered is to send a new support request letting us know that you have an unanswered ticket.

    will look into your request today