• I would like to copy the data on my RFID passcard for work and transfer the Data onto the NFC ring. The system in question is an Kronos Punch clock with an atttached Amid reader (13.56Mhz) as well as Amid readers for the doors. What are the logistics and challenges of the process in question?

  • @Alonzo-Rodriguez I've asked similiar questions. As far as my understanding, as long as the reader spectrum is in the 13.56Mhz range, and the information can fit, that are the main requirements for doing such a thing. If the card is copyable.

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    it's difficult to say if the NTAG 203 (that's the tag in the ring) will work with the Kronos system. It's dependent on what is stored on the Kronos tags and what sort of tag they are.
    The easiest way is to try it and go to whoever gave you the other card and ask them to try to register your ring as additional "card". If it works make sure you have the old card as a backup as long as you haven't tested the ring with those systems for a while.

  • thank you. once the ring arrives i will definitively try that.

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    please leave us some feedback how it went.

  • the ring has yet to arrive but i think that my work ID may be 125 Khz and that it may be incompatible with the ring. i have to do more research on it but again i will keep the community updated.

  • my ring came in today, it fits and reads well on my NFC reader. now i have to wait untill work monday to see if the door readers respond and pick up the ring at all.
    i still cannot read my work badge. i tried an NFC reader and a 125khz rfid reader and still nothing. I can see the rfid antenna within the badge against the light, anyone have any ideas what to try next?
    Additionally, Lafunamor, I asked the corporate office about getting my ring scanned in as an additional "card" and they stated that it would not be possible for them to do that. while that is disappointing i can understand from a security standpoint, but still i appreciate your idea.

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    That's sad but expected. You should be able to scan your key with an 125 or 13.56 reader. if not it's not according to RFID standard.

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    The only issues that will come into play are if it's a proprietary style of tag with a smart chip in it or if it has more data storage than your ring does. This will no doubt change in future revisions of the ring.
    I think the best way to go about it would be to get people excited about the ring, and to emphasise it's usefulness and utility (I can start my car/unlock my door/turn my light on/make a personalised cup of coffee with mine... if we could use these instead of or in addition to the standard swipe cards then people would take better care of them and love and cherish them - you'd spend less on card replacement. )