"invalid key, try again" error message

  • I am getting an "invalid key, try again" message whenever I try to setup the NFC lockscreen. I had the "not an NFC ring" error to start with and was emailed the unlock password and login that ought to have rectified this. Any ideas how to proceed?

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    just delete your ring under manage keys and readd it.

  • Thanks for that. I might give it a try but to be honest I am rather disappointed by the whole thing. At the moment the whole thing is a poorly executed shambles. I am inclined to chuck the whole lot in my drawer of failed tech and give it a try in a few months to see if it has improved.. Currently it is nothing more than a useless metal band.
    Great idea but it really needs to go back to the drawing board.

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    @preime, don't give up just yet. It would be a rather senseless waste to simply let it languish in a drawer. Have you tried adding both inlays to the unlock app to see if it works? Also attempt to write something different like a vcard to the ring (and read it to make sure that it happened correctly) to ensure that both inlays are behaving properly. If that's successful then try re enabling the unlock app, adding the keys and don't forget to set up a PIN for alternative entry as well, just in case.

  • @Lokki by inlays, do you mean the two sheets with 4 little circular stickers? that is the only other thing that came in the package.

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    the inlays are the actual NFC tags (chips) inside the ring. so just add both sides of the ring as keys to the unlock app