For PC?

  • This may not be the right place, but there didn't seem to be a section that felt right.

    I've recevied my NFC rings, and have a Dell XPS12 with NFC, running (shudder) Windows 8.1 The ring is picked up, and Windows pops up asking if I want to receive content from another device. If I accept I get sent to the NFCRing website.

    So it's working.

    Do any of you have suggestions for PC apps that work with the NFC Ring, and laptops like this? I've seen one which was expecting a USB/Serial NFC devices, and seemed a tad serious. I was thinking more one that does the Android equiv, launch apps, etc. etc.

    If you have any suggestions, let me know.



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    I believe there are some apps in the Windows Store. But we have some user working on a NFC logon.
    Checkout this threads:
    Asus NFC Express
    NFC reader for passwords
    There is one about developing an own NFC login solution for Windows but I don't find it.