Damaged my ring

  • I'm pretty sure that I have damaged the one of the inlays on my ring. Today at work my phone stopped unlocking with my ring (Classic sized ring with a Nexus 4) The issue is with only one side of the ring the one I use to unlock my phone.
    It appears to have no visible damage. It works less than 20% of the time to unlock my Nexus 7 (bigger sensor I assume so it reads easier.)
    I've unlocked my Nexus 4 once since I started having issue with my ring. I try and keep it clean with a microfibre cloth no liquids,
    Is there anything I can do to test to make sure the tag isn't damaged?
    I know I can 't get a replacement ring and that's okay I'll just have to wait for my other pre-order ring or my kickstarter ring.

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    No worries you haven't damaged your ring but it could be one of those with the "glue issue". The nexus 7 reads the ring easier so if you have problems with one inlay but not the other with a nexus 7 (2013) it probably is a inlay issue.
    you can get your ring exchanged by following the returns procedure

  • Thats wonderful news but then why was it working until 6 hours ago I've had it about a week?

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    That's the nature of the glue issue, random failure after a period of functioning.

  • @Lokki said:

    That's the nature of the glue issue, random failure after a period of functioning.

    Have they fixed the glue issue or can we expect this issue on the last 15%...??

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    All resolved now mate, I think John said somewhere here that it's only possibly affecting around 400.

  • Sorry the returns procedure isn't as clear as it should be. Do I just send the ring back with a return address and my email address?

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yea :) PS The returns procedure is open source, if you can make it clearer please do so, that way others can benefit from it. You can edit it via github! https://github.com/mclear/nfcring-web/blob/gh-pages/returns/index.html

  • Just last week one of my inlays died. I use the word "died" because it fails to register on any device I have with NFC (2 android phones and 1 Windows 8 tablet). As far as I can tell it is not working. I have had my ring for just short of 4 months now.

    Do you think this is a glue issue as well, or the inlay actually malfunctioning? Is there a way to test if this is a failure caused by the glue issue? My other inlay still works flawlessly with my Samsung GS3 (with case).

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    @asbath, I'm not sure that it's just the glue issue after this amount of time but anything is possible. It'd be a good idea to enter into discussion with support so they can decide what to do there.

    "A ring supplied by McLear Ltd has developed a fault within a 12 month period and there are no signs of foul play. Kickstarter backers will get a 2 year warranty, however we can only guarantee one "like for like" replacement. This is due to the variety of rings we offered during Kickstarter that we won't offer in the future. Future replacements after the one guaranteed "like for like" will be from our available range."

    Just out of curiousity are you able to make it function by pressing on the dead inlay? Probably not a good idea with a phone, but maybe if you have something a little more solid like a pn532 reader?

  • @Lokki, yeah, that's what I was thinking, but thought I'd ask here first in case there were other known instances of this same thing happening. I didn't think it would be so simple as the glue issue since it's been a few months.

    I've already tried pressing hard on the dead inlay with my phone (silicon case helps prevent any physical scuffing to the phone). No dice, unfortunately.

    I'll email Support now. Thanks!

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    @asbath, no problemo. I think that returns procedure might need amending, there's not going to be like for like replacement of PVD rings (I forget what you had).

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yea @lokki is right @asbath - The replacement wont be like for like when we no longer have those rings in stock, it will be the closest match.

  • I've update the policy a little to reflect this and make it clearer.

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