Dummies Guide to NFC Ring Unlock app

  • Prefer pictures to words? Watch a video here.
    The real-quick getting started guide

    Because you don't want to read more than is needed, and just want it to work.

    Having trouble registering your app? See the section below.

    Very first thing: go and disable your existing lock-screen (Settings > Security > Screen Lock > None) because you're intending to use the NFC Unlock App as your lock-screen.

    1. Start the 'NFC Ring Unlock' app
    2. Tap 'Device Security' section
    3. Tap 'Manage Keys' section
    4. Tap the icon in top-right which is a key with a + sign
    5. Scan the ring-inlay you want to use as unlock key
    6. Give it a name, description, picture or whatever. Make sure 'enable' is on, and 'save'
    7. Repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 with another NFC tag so that you have a backup! Either use one of the extra inlays if one came with your ring (and keep it in your wallet), another ring inlay (if you have more than one ring) or a different kind of NFC tag if you have one.
    8. Go back to 'Device Security'
    9. Toggle 'Enable/Disable' in the top bar.
      Note as of time of writing this is not an intuitive UI and if you see the text 'disable' that doesn't mean the security is disabled, it means 'click here to disable'. Likewise 'enable' means 'click here to enable', and doesn't mean security is enabled
    10. Check the 'Use with No Lockscreen' option
    11. Go back to the homepage of the NFC Ring Unlock app
    12. Tap 'Application Security'
    13. Tap 'Manage Application Passwords'
    14. Enter a pin
    15. You're done

    Extra Info

    • You can't store information on a tag and use it as an unlock tag

    • Even though 'Check Security Level' gives a warning about using a pin, setting a pin in the 'Manage Application Passwords' is useful for two very good reasons: (1) you don't have to use your Google account password in an app you may not trust, and (2) Google account authentication can not take place in Airline mode, because it needs to contact Google servers. Without a password you could lock yourself out of your phone if you enter Airline mode

    • To remove a key from the 'Manage Keys' section just swipe it off the screen

    • Once you have your basic functionality working you can play with the 'Manage Call Behaviour' section to decide how the phone should be locked/unlocked when making or receiving calls

    • If you don't set a pin as backup then you will use your Google account login to bypass the unlock screen. If you have 2-Step Verification enabled this can be problematic. You can go to [Google security page] 1 to disable 2-Step verification

    • For information on how to use 2-Step Authentication with the NFC Ring Unlock app see [this post by Lokki] 2

    Registering the app

    • Original backers will have received a registration code for the app by email with a subject line of Your NFC Ring Unlock App Access Code. This contains the verification code you need to enter once you've installed and opened the app for the first time, along with the email address you registered with (also contained in that email)

    • If you've lost that email you can [reset your validation code] 3 and get a new code to use

    • You can also get an unlock code by using the NFC Ring Control App. Tap the 'Register' option and follow the instructions

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  • Thanks much for the walk-through, this along with the video portion was a fantastic help!

  • I don´t understand the point (under other settings) "enable Widget - the nfc ring unlock widget will show, but will not be active" what means this option? i see no difference between enable er disable this point :(

  • Thanks for the tutoring, I managed to unlock my NFC ring, though before I found your guide I had tried million of times.

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