Received a ready for Dispatch email but no Dispatched email

  • Hi guys, I received an email subject titled 'Your NFC ring is being prepared for dispatch' on the 3rd of June and the contents said it would be dispatching soon.
    However I have not received any following email to say it has actually been dispatched. Today is the 7th of June and I am wondering how long does it usually take after receiving the above email? The ring is supposed to be a stealth bomber but I have not had any contact to say if its a temporary ring either.

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    I'd say at a guess that any stealth bomber order this late in the game will be a temporary ring instead.
    Give it a little longer and see, your order may be on its way or it may be that your shipping label has been printed out in preparation for shipping after the ring is Qa checked.

  • I recieved a ready for dispatch email on the 3rd and it was only dispatched yesterday so I wouldn't panic too much. Might be at the bottom of the pile and be sent later today. The dispatch email when they send it out confims what ring you are recieving.

  • got the Shipped email =)
    Says StealthBomber size 9! is this what definitely shipped or would i be expecting a replacement ring?

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    @NFCringTom can you answer this?

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    Guys, it's most likely going to be a replacement.
    Don't expect PVD Stealth Bombers for single ring orders, while it may be possible for them to come in a multiple ring order be prepared for them not to be a plated ring.

  • I will post back as soon as it has arrived to let you guys know.

    @Lokki if it is a replacement ring, what is the process to claim a voucher to get the stealthbomber when it is in stock? would something like a note come with the delivery?

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    Hi @toastie, you wont get the vouchers straight away - there wouldn't be much point to that just yet. What will happen is that you'll be able to 'request' vouchers through nfcring in a process that will be outlined in more detail by John.
    This will happen once kickstarter and pre-orders are done with and there is a proper range of stock available. That way you'll be able to do classic/alpha/maybe stealth v2/maybe carbon fiber replacement.
    So don't panic just yet, but if your order is not what you originally asked for, hold tight and wait on that blog post. :-)

  • Ok so i received the ring. It is infact a stealth bomber black in the correct size!
    However it is apparent that when I took it out of its box I noticed it came chipped!
    Stealth Bomber Ring Chipped

  • The ring is really hard to detect in any orientation and when it finally does it pops up with an alert to say Not NFC Ring. Not a happy bunny =(
    Do I have to email support?
    Received a chipped ring on arrival and it doesn't work either side booo!!! T_T
    All my other NFC tags scan from a inch above perfectly from any position and orientation.

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    What phone do you use with your ring?

  • i am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with the control app trying to get it to Register

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    hmm... the S4 is a bit picky so if you have trouble to read the ring you may want to ask for a exchange to an alpha