Video Tutorials Please!!!

  • Hi Guys, I was almost locked out by the Unlock app and had no way to enter my phone.

    The Google email log in by sliding left Totally doesnt work (maybe its due to the 2 step verification?).
    The Nfc ring does not unlock the lock screen either even after turning on the NFC function by sliding down the shortcut menu.

    With no instructions on how to write information or set up the ring for unlocking the device via the apps, the ring is totally useless.

    Can someone please create a video tutorials on how to use the Apps to set up the ring???

    Hope for some response soon.


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    Hi @calmwaters
    We are working on a new version of the app that has a tutorial and setup guide in it. as soon as I have access to it, I'll do a How to about it.

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    @calmwaters I had been avoiding 2 step authentication because of all the horror stories surrounding it, but I tried it out today and I really don't understand what it is about it that messes with everybody so much.
    If you are using 2 step authentication then you need to create an application specific password.
    This is on the page you see from google after you explicitly set your account to 2 step authentication. You then use this password to unlock the device manually, not your google account password.

    If you're going to be using flight mode set up a pin in the Unlock App. Phones in flight mode cannot authenticate with google servers and thus you will not be able to sign in that way.

    For quick setup please see my post in this thread.

    Don't over write tags that you have set up as unlock keys or they will no longer work for your unlock.

  • Thanks for your clear explanation Lokki. I will go through your thread to see if I can set up my ring again.

    Lafunamor, it would be good to have a video tutorial as well on top of the app tutorial. Videos are often much simpler to understand.

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    Yes I think so too but it's not my #1 priority so it'll have to wait until next weekend

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    If anyone does feel like doing tutorials off their own bat, I'll count a usable tutorial as grounds for a ring reward!