Ring Unlock

  • please could some one do a full tutorial on the full use of the unlock app , as I am a bit unsure how to start and dont want to mess up my phone please make it easy to follow.

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    I'm currently working on a video tutorial about how to get started with the unlock app. But due to my exams it will take a while to finish it. I'll try to get a version out by the end of next week but I can't guarantee.

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    Ok, just to start you off - Install the Unlock app from McLear, the Control App will write other things to your ring but isn't necessary.
    If you're unable to remove your phones normal lock screen then I suggest an app like 'no lock' from the play store. This makes the unlocking a little more natural and skips an irritating step each time.

    For basic setup:

    In the unlock app you will need to FIRST go to Device Security and Manage Keys.
    Save your unlock tag/s there, making sure to set Enable to ON for each one. Add descriptions/pictures if you wish.
    Go back to Device Security Settings.
    Go to Manage Call Behaviour.
    Set Incoming Call Behaviour to Disable on phone ring.
    Set Disconnected Call Behaviour to Re-lock the device right after the call is disconnected.
    Set Answered Phone Behaviour to Do not re-lock the device.
    Go back to Device Security Settings, and in the top right corner of the screen change the button from Inactive to Active.
    Go to Application Security, go to Manage Application Password, enter a PIN. Twice.

    Exit the app and test.

    If you have Google 2 factor authentication turned on then you can have issues if you need to do a manual sign-on and unlock without the ring or a backup tag. Be careful of this as some phones/tablets may turn off NFC as part of battery saving or airplane mode.

  • Thank your help I have set it up you said and it works very well

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    No worries at all mate!
    Enjoy your ring!

  • Sometimes when I wake up my Nexus 4 instead of the NFCRing lock screen the normal screen shows and I can use it without using My NFCRing to unlock it.

  • I've had that too, but not found a consistent way to reproduce it to report it as a bug

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    Yeah, that's a difficult one. My only consistent irritation is having to switch off the factory lock screen every time I reboot, but the NFC unlock is there once you've swiped the first time.

  • When I turn the phone off and back on again the normal screen comes up and I can use the phone without unlocking with the key

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    That's odd, which version have you got installed? That used to happen with one of the old versions. And it can also happen if you're using a task killer, you might need to whitelist the unlock app if that's the case.

  • Hi I am not sure which version I have but I think it is the latest,also I have Qualcomm batteryGuru how do I do the white list

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    I can't test it but from what I read there doesn't seem to be a user controlled white list for programs in that.