if shares in the company were available...

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    From John's latest video update there is mention of the possibility of actually owning a piece of the company and being able to actually influence the bigger decisions and direction of the company.
    Personally I'm all for this idea, and would jump at the chance. Some thoughts though, if John is doing this with a percentage of his stake then I'd suggest limiting the amount that one of us could pledge for or however it's done and then reverting anything that doesn't get picked up back to John.
    It's about having a voice more than anything else!

    Anyone else want to weigh in on the subject?

  • It seems like an interesting idea, but we'll have to wait & see what his final decision is. And what happens if someone wants to sell their share a few years from now...will John take it back, will the community say no to a sale.

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    That's an interesting point. I think that there would need to be some sort of non transference clause personally, so that community voices were all equal with none more equal than others. Otherwise I just buy @Memnoch's and have that vote as well. That way it stays as being about the community. So maybe @Memnoch can only sell his single stake back to John or something along that line.

  • You should create a blockchain, then distribute the tokens in a way that you think is fair (most to the creator(s), some to the Kickstarter investors, sell some to new investors, reserve a few to give to everyone who buys a ring). Then everyone who has a token would have an incentive to make sure that the tokens went up in value and anyone who had a token/share could buy or sell them on the blockchain in a trustless way for their current market value.

  • Good idea !

  • Being a director of a limited company shares are a good thing but what sort of shares are we talking and what will be the plan for the capital raised. Would we expect a ROI and as has been said before how would the shares be divided? My personal favorite is a unanimous decision from the creators equal the rest of everyone if not top?

  • @Lokki said:

    t to weigh in on

    I guess some thought needs to be given to rings / shares for example i have ordered 2 rings on kickstarter and another on pre-order.

    Do I get - 1 voice 1 share, 2 shares because that's what i ordered on kickstarter, 3 shares because i purchased 3 rings.

    I don't think we want to be in a position where someone with lots of money just buys heaps of rings and gets more say. The community is doing some awesome stuff at the moment we want that innovation to continue to flourish.

    Personally i don't have a position yet, will be interested to read what other people say!

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    @jasok2 that's more where I was leaning with my comment about community members remaining on equal standing. I'd love to have a small stake in the company but I think this would be a stronger and more worthwhile move if it was limited to one per person.
    Screw the traditional methods and have one vote per person in our little slice of nfcring. No more, no less.