Special Edition KickStarter rings?

  • **Does anyone know what maybe happening with these Rings?

    I received an email that my order was in production, but that was 3 to 4 months ago or maybe longer.

    Can someone maybe update us on these Rings?

    Sorry if I am out of the loop and someone has already posted, normally I just wait and I do not worry about these things but I received an email and I am just worried the ring may have been lost.

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    nope there were no infos jet. @johnyma22 can you enlighten us?

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    Hi @JoRoid it's possible that the ring was Qa failed and may be an odd size, you'll get a notification that it's shipped once it has passed through Qa and is ready and on its way.

  • @JoRoid said:

    **Does anyone know what maybe happening with these Rings?

    I received an email that my order was in production, but that was 3 to 4 months ago or maybe longer.

    Sorry if I am out of the loop and someone has already posted, normally I just wait and I do not worry about these things but I received an email and I am just worried the ring may have been lost.

    That email back in March was sent to everyone (I think) and just said 'rings are now being produced'. It didn't really relate to specifics, I believe. So don't worry, it is not likely the ring is lost as you'd have been sent a more specific 'your ring has shipped' email when your specific ring was sent to you.
    As for where the KS ltd edition fits into the production schedule, no idea. I'm not sure that's been stated anywhere. As a smaller run (compared to, say, black inlays) I can see that maybe it would be nearer the end just because you get a bigger win by producing all the 'normal' inlay rings first.

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    From @johnyma22's latest update that would make sense eh, @shama. Especially if they were done as a batch and then a few failed QA and went to the back of the line again.
    @JoRoid, you have had your order confirmation email, haven't you? I'm assuming that's the one you're referring to.

  • NFC Ring Team

    The majority of the KS rings went out, the ones that failed QA didn't.

    A bunch of them just arrived today so hopefully your ring will be in this batch :)

  • This is the email I received back in November of last year.

    NFC Ring Support support@nfcring.com

    to me

    We're emailing to let you know your final order of your NFC Ring has been successfully registered and has begun production.

    Your order is:
    Normal Size Ring with Titanium Normal Color Metal. Your inlay choices are Black and Kickstarter Cover .

    I even ordered 2 more rings as soon as the store opened up, now I am wishing I did not even purchase them, because I probaly will be another year before I receive them as well.
    Can you all please send me a ring or just refund my Bitcoins and I will be on my way.
    I am very sorry that you all have had so much trouble and I do realize the process to make these rings, but if you can not send me at least my First Kickstarter ring, then I am really considering a refund of my other two rings.

    P.S. I am very sorry for my frustration at the moment, but I do not feel like you have communcated very well about the Special Edition Kickstarter Rings and I am hurt!


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    Hi @JoRoid
    Rings are being delivered, it's only a small percentage of us that are waiting for kickstarter orders to be completed now and there is absolutely no reason to be concerned about how preorders will be handled.
    Your kickstarter edition ring is not in a separate category to the other kickstarter ordered rings, it's right in there with them. The updates, blog posts and other communications from John and the team are equally applicable.
    If I were in your shoes, I'd hold on just a little longer before giving up - it will be worth the wait when you do get your ring!
    If you do just want to throw in the towel then you can email support@nfcring.com and request your orders be cancelled.
    Just remember, if you do that you can't change your mind later.
    You will never be able to get your kickstarter edition ring again at a later date.

  • Hi @Lokki

    Yeah I do understand they are worth the wait.
    I am just a little frustrated because we haven't really had an update about the Kickstarter Edition Rings.
    Just feel a little left out. Seems like all the Updates have been about Alpha, Steath Bombers, or failed QA rings.

    Am I the only one that feels this way?

    I just know that in a month or 2 we will be working on 1 year mark since the Kickstarter NFC Rings were initially funded.

    Thank you for responding to my message and I hope we all see our rings shortly.



  • Community Helper

    Hi @JoRoid

    I think you're misunderstanding something here, the kickstarter edition rings, while they are a special kickstarter edition, aren't being handled seperately to the other rings.
    I can't speak for exactly how the process went, but I'd imagine rings were originally ordered in batches of size/style so lets assume that all the kickstarter edition rings were ordered at the same time, then a few failed QA at John's end of things - the ones that failed QA would have been reordered amongst all the other re-orders.

    What I'm trying to put across here is that they all would have been ordered just like all the other rings have been, there are no specific updates about the kickstarter edition rings because it isn't a specific thing. The updates that were specific about things like the transparent failure due to wrong inlays, or the carbon fiber failure due to Murphy's Law, or the PVD failure due to overly optimistic manufacturer promises... all these are specific issues affecting those types, where the kickstarter edition isn't a particular type, just a particular inlay design which hasn't given issues or been the cause of problems. The failure with your ring will have been either a visual failure or a performance failure which means only that the factory needs to make that ring again, which has been covered in updates (factory issues causing QA failures for various reasons requiring re-ordering, factory ignoring actual orders and batching instead).

  • New update Today!!!

    NFC Ring
    Hello Joseph Huffman

    We are sorry to let you know there is going to be a delay in the fulfilment of your order.

    Due to unexpected production delays we are yet to receive your ring from our factory in China and we currently have an estimated delivery date to us, of 3 weeks from now. As soon as they arrive, we will be testing, packing and shipping them out to you.

    If you have any further questions about the state of your order, please reply to this email or contact support@nfcring.com.


    The NFC Ring Team

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    @JoRoid, you got that just now did you? or was that from earlier on? Good news though, you've not been forgotten!

  • Today at 8.04 am June 3rd 2014.

    But at least the ring will be here one day.


  • Community Helper

    Ah, that's great. It'll be a delay, but it's still coming eh! Excellent news!

  • @johnyma22

    I just received an email saying my ring order from the NFC Store have been shipped.

    The original NFC Ring Kick-starter Edition ring has not yet to be shipped.
    I have emailed the support group at NFC and I am still awaiting a response.

    John Mclear,

    Are you planning on sending anything to compensate those of use who have been waiting patiently for there KickStarter rings?

    Thank you to all of those working on the project.


  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey @JoRoid, so we already did do some compensation. We added some inlays in for free. We also provided additional sweet spot stickers.

    If you ordered a ring we couldn't provide (Such as the SB) we provided an additional free temporary replacement ring.

    I don't think we can provide much more for free to be honest! Note that during this time the apps have improved vastly, we have added several new features, brought together a community, provided thousands of pages of documentation etc...