May 21 Update, and John's Mesmerising Hair

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    So I've just watched the long update

    and I figured it'd be a good idea to start a thread here for any thoughts and responses that anyone might have on the content.

    It's a shame to hear that the trouble with the Stealth Bomber is such a big thing - from looking at a couple of the visual fail rings that I was sent to hand out I can see how beautiful it would be if it wasn't for the defects which are glaringly obvious on the all black ring. It really is a shame, especially if they're not wearing well after a few months. My thought is that if I do get my stealth bomber (I ordered a collection originally) then I probably would set it aside and only wear it on occasion. Which isn't really what we want from wearable tech eh. It wont matter a heap to me because I wear a lot of rings anyway, but I guess that some of you have it as the only ring you ordered. But anyway, they're an awesome looking ring and I do hope that some way is found to continue with them, even if it isn't at the current price point in the future and even if it does have to be replaced occasionally.
    (I'm slowly coming around to the idea of occasionally replacing rings, I'll probably want to do that when the tags are upgraded anyway, eh.)

    Another thought is that I'm not sure the stealth bomber really needs to be only black, as long as it's stealthy. Has anyone out there received a titanium/silver ring? Do you consider the match between inlay and ring metal to be close enough that it's not noticeable?
    Perhaps future Stealth rings could be a thing with inlays matching the metal (whether it's one or two inlays in the future). Black/blue/titanium? Gold?
    Pretty cool if your gold or platinum wedding band was a Stealth single inlay facing inward. Just a thought anyhow.

    And I would certainly be all for the possibility of buying into the company if shares were ever an option!

    How about everyone else, care to share any thoughts and responses?

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    @Lokki Do you think we should start a separate thread to get people to wade in on the topic of shares? I'm just thinking of how best to have that conversation..

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    probably a good idea to throw some thoughts around

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    @johnyma22 I think that would probably be a better separate conversation, yeah. I might leave that to you to start, or do it in the morning. I'm being kicked for using the tablet at 2.30am.

  • @lokki one of my original rings was a titanium with silver CF inlays, the intention being it would be kinda stealthy. With CF problems though that's changed to white, so not stealthy at al :)
    From the video, I like the idea of a one sided ring. It was always about a more convenient unlock for me, rather than the fist-bump link transfer envisaged at conception (and given the fickle nature of everyone's phones I can't see that being that popular anymore, without first looking at what phone your intended recipient is using... "Oh moto-X? No sorry I can't fist bump your phone")

  • Great update! Hopefully I'm in that next shipping batch.

    Quick question

    The vouchers that you mentioned. Are there only for the black plated ones or does that include the carbon fibre people?

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    @shama I'm in agreeance as regards the fist bumping, and there'd probably be a real market for 'proper' jewellery with a single inlay that was unobtrusive. I'd hate for the two inlay version to ever just disappear though, especially if manufacturers start making phones with better nfc! There may yet be the chance to proper fist bump a strangers phone without just being scary and weird.
    I've been trying to find the link to the inlay colour chart, and I'm pretty sure I saw a prototype/early production ring that actually had a titanium coloured inlay and that looked extremely Stealth with inlay and band the same.
    Long Suffering Girlfriend was originally getting titanium/white cf/white but has gone with the geeky option of titanium/transparent/white and should be suitably impressive, and single inlay wedding bands have been mentioned as a romantic possibility.

    @RevInstant, I think we'll have to get @johnyma22 to weigh in on that one, especially if there are single stealth carbon fibre orders that were already being substituted for plain black with a voucher.