Alpha Ring

  • I Have the standard ring ,it works without the case but not with when I get the Alpha (larger) ring should it work with the case ?

  • It should, but you won't know till you try it.

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    not necessary... can you read the lager tag you received with you ring trough your case?

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    His other post says he can read the tags through the case.
    @johnrgood, The Alpha may or may not work through the case. If you've requested one then you'll have to test it and let us know as @Memnoch says. Personally I think you're better just making the case thin or putting a hole right where your sweet spot is. This would make it an order of magnitude easier to use the ring for phone unlocking because you'd have a physical location to aim for. This would be easier to use than the sweet spot stickers and would work well with the Classic ring.