When will I get my rings?

  • Hi,

    Just want to find out when I may get my rings?

    Hiren Shah

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    There's going to be a bit in the weekend update from John about how this will be addressed, so hold tight for the moment.

  • Still looking for a rough estimate on the eta of my rings...

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    The short answer from the latest update is that the team is aiming to complete shipping of all kickstarter pledges by end of May. Arrival after that will depend on the speed of the postman!
    Just keep an eye on your inbox for the shipping confirmation email!

  • I just read the update and I'm one of the people who has preordered a ring through the website and if your hoping to have the kickstarter rings shipped by the end of May does that mean the preorders that will be shipped in May wont actually be sent? and i should expect it in june?

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    I just double-checked the website because it's been a while since I looked at it last and so I wasn't sure - the website says 'shipping June 2014' so I think that it's fairly safe to say that you should get yours then, barring misadventure.
    Now I'm pretty sure that if the team gets all the kickstarter pledges out this month with a few days to go they wont just rest on their laurels, they'll be continuing with secondary QA and preorder packing, which should be considerably quicker than the kickstarter pledges due to the limited choice that was available in the preorder.
    If you follow the updates then you may have noticed that there is a bit of a hiccup where the stealth bomber ring is concerned, I'm not sure what John's solution to this will be for preorders, but he is working on sorting that out posthaste.

  • Well, even after the update....I don't see it happening. John just hit the 50% mark & expects to get the next 50% buy the 19th & sent out by the end of May.
    Sorry, but I'm not getting my hopes up....just have to wait & see....again.

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    @Memnoch , have a little faith mate, remember there is a certain amount of stock available in the preorder and changeover rings which will allow the temporary fulfilment of Stealth Bomber orders. That's going to raise the completion percentage considerably in a short time. Remembering that the failure rate is becoming less each time for the titanium rings, the factory should be able to complete the shipments easily. Especially when they're not $%^&ing about with the colour coatings on the blanks!

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey Guys

    Righto we still hope to ship current pre-orders in May, it might be very near the end. The manufacturing of Vintage, Classic and Signature rings is pretty stable at the moment with a relatively fast turnaround. We should ship appox 1500 rings by the end of this week which should take us to 70% fulfilled.

    Any Pre-order rings we have in stock will be packaged up basically ready to go once we have fulfilled Kickstarter.

  • Hi,

    Is there any update to this please?

    My rings are from Kickstarter... just looking for a rough eta :)

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    @hshah info currently available on latest kickstarter update, the team will no doubt give us more updates as they progress further.

  • Was adamantly told my rings were definitely shipping last week. Have not received a shipping notification. Can someone advise please what the process is, ie do we get shipping notifications still? how long after shipping are they sent?

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    Hi @Marty, please allow some time if it's shipped - if it included a stealth bomber that was replaced then it may be shipping from the UK regardless of your location, this could add a little extra time. Usual process would be for the shipping notification to come first but there have been some instances of the notification becoming lost in the aether or turning up after arrival.
    You weren't waiting on an Alpha Ti-T-B ring were you?

    "...Here is another curve ball guys... Not related to @Benito's question. The latest delivery we got had loads of Alpha T-T-B, the factory used the inlays that include the other companies name on them.. *Facepalm.. So that's 155 rings we can't ship from this delivery of ~2000 before we even begin QA testing.. We have asked the factory to remake all these rings..."

  • @Lokki, yes I appreciate there is shipping time so will take some weeks, thats not really my question. It would be nice to get a confirmation when it was shipped. My email works - ask Tom 8-) - so would have expected a Shipping Notification when it was shipped out - hence my query on the process.

    So how do I know if its shipped or not? Do I raise a query to Support? Didn't want to do that as Tom is obviously busy and is only delayed further by such emails.

  • @Lokki, just saw you 'Curve Ball' statement. Yes they were waiting on an Alpha to complete the order 2/3 weeks ago. I was advised that my order SHOULD be shipped 2 weeks ago and then WILL be shipped last week ( as late as Thursday ) so I assume that the Alpha Ring had been fullfilled with a QAed unit. Maybe not....I don't know....

  • NFC Ring Team

    @Marty Shipping notification went out today

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    @Marty, there you go man, @NFCringTom is the one who knows!

    • the quoted statement was from John on the kickstarter site, update 40 comments section.

  • @Lokki and @NFCringTom - Received Shipping confirmation 2 hours ago. Excellent. Cheers

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    Excellent, rock on man!

  • Still nothing on my end. I've been checking my email and my spam :(