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  • Hey, folks:

    Just wanted to report my experience with the HTC One M8 and the Stealth (all black) version of the NFC ring.

    I'd say this is a don't buy if you're intending to use it to interact with your phone. The NFC chip is located behind and around the camera on the new HTC (, but due to the ring's narrow broadcast area (or whatever the technical term is), the only time the phone can read either the private or public strips is when you tap it against the lens directly. I'm convinced this would scratch your lens with repeated use.

    I'll try to explore other functions for the ring, but unlocking my phone (my original intention) is a bust.

    P.S. My ring reads, which returns a 404--sure someone else has mentioned it, but might be worth sticking up a redirect to the actual getting started guide, which I'm having a hard time finding for some reason.

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    G'day, I haven't looked at the getting started guide for a while so I'm not sure what's happened there. With the ring though, tapping is possibly not the best answer. What you're actually doing is moving the ring through the magnetic field of the NFC reader in the phone. Doing it a little more slowly will improve your read from the ring. Also try rolling the inlay slowly in the area you're getting a read and avoid the temptation to speed things up until you're properly used to it.
    Let us know if that helps things at all. Ring orientation can also affect the read.

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    I have a HTC One M8 and I use it with a normal/classic ring, it's easy to find the sweet spot because you can physically feel the camera.

    It hasn't scratched my lens at all..

    Still, that being said any fully metal encased phone is going to have issues with RFID transmit/receive and the sweet spot is very small but as I mentioned, very easy to locate. works fine for me @Lokki

  • @Ste7en said:

    P.S. My ring reads, which returns a 404--sure someone else has mentioned it, but might be worth sticking up a redirect to the actual getting started guide, which I'm having a hard time finding for some reason.

    I don't get a 404, but there isn't really a getting started guide on that page. It just says 'congrats' and gives you links to the two NFC apps.

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    @johnyma22, thanks for the verification of that. I suspect my iPad wasn't playing the game correctly, so it's all apples fault. ;-)

  • @shama I got a 404 from my Mac and then the links you mentioned from my device, sorry for the false report, but you're right--should probably include a guide.

    @johnyma22 I guess I just imagined when I originally backed the Kickstarter that I'd use mine in such a way where I'd pick up my phone up and it'd just unlock, basically that my phone could only be unlocked in my hand and it'd be fluid and natural. I have to tap it on the lens to unlock, which isn't really a natural movement. It's slightly disappointing, but it's because of my own unrealistic expectations. I may have been a bit harsh saying that I didn't recommend it for HTC One M8 owners--maybe it's a recommend with a caveat that you have to poke the camera, which I personally don't like because I was hoping for a pick-up-and-go experience.

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    @Ste7en I can understand the feeling a little, I've rotated through a few different phones so far, just playing around and seeing what works best for me.
    I've found that the Xperia Z and Xperia M so far have the best, most consistent read so far and the unlock action on both is actually perfectly natural.
    Holding the M in my hand with the ring on my right index, I hit the lock button and it's done. Most times I barely even see the NFC ring unlock screen.

    So, there are phones out there that have very nicely set up NFC, and it can be a perfectly natural movement. But even the HTC One X horror that I had was reasonable. My unlock action was to tap the sleep/wake button and then slide the phone in my hand to a pretty natural holding position which also slid it past my ring for the unlock. I was pretty impressed until the display circuitry burnt out again.

    My suggestion is to approach it as you would any other problem, see what works and what doesn't and then see how you're able to incorporate it into a gesture. With yours I suspect I'd tap the wake button with my index finger then slide my hand down to a lower holding position which would bring the ring through the sweet spot on the way down.

  • The NFC on my HTC One M8 is disabled when the screen is Off or Locked. therefore, I can't use the NFC Ring Unlock app. I know that I can overcome this if I root my handset but I really don't want to do that for a variety of reasons (for starters it would invalidate the warranty). Has anyone found a solution?

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    to use the unlock app you'll have to push the power button to wake up the device, currently there is no way (except maybe for rooted phones) to wake up your device with nfc

  • Thanks for the quick reply Lafunamor. When I wake the screen the HTC One M8 presents the lockscreen but does not enable NFC. I have to use the PIN to get passed the Lockscreen and only then is NFC available. It seems to be a security feature of the handset and it makes using apps like Trigger a bit awkward at times.

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    Do you have the default lock screen disabled?

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    Use an app like No Lock from play store if you're unable to turn off your lock screen.

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    That's one of the things I hate with android. every company changes some stuff and it's really hard to get something out that works for every one.