Time between dispatch and delivery

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    Lokki I'm including a piece about this thread in the next update so traffic may increase.

  • Just to give a summary of my experience for reference...

    I received an email saying my Ring has been dispatched on 4/30/14. I received the ring itself on 5/13/14. I live in the U.S. and the ring appeared to be shipped from the U.K.

    Just my .02... Works great for me, has been worth the wait!

  • Hi, i also wanted to share my experience: dispatch confirmation on 05/10/14, received the ring yesterday (05/15/14) from UK to Germany. I think this is great!

  • Glad to hear others are getting their rings without issue. I had an email on Friday to say that they will be sending another ring. Looking forward to getting it :)

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    Thanks guys, it's extremely helpful to others to know what they should expect!

  • Is there any way to know from where the ring shipped from? I got my dispatch email for a temp ring 2 days ago, so I'm curious on how long I should expect to wait. Sounds like if from the UK, give or take 2 weeks.

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    Hi @MikeInSeattle , I'm tempted to say that it shipped from the US distribution center but if it's a temporary ring it may be from the UK, so allow 10 to 14 days to be safe. John might have something to add on that subject in the next update which should be live soon.

  • Thanks @Lokki , I was crossing my fingers for the US Dist, but alas, I will wait a little longer. I'm glad it shipped, so at least I know it's on its way. I'll look forward to the update.

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    It will have come from the UK

    It was posted last Friday so I would say anytime from now till the end of next week


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    Thanks for the confirmation, @NFCringTom

  • I ordered with a promise that my ring would be shipped in May. Here we are 4 days away from May and I still have not received even a dispatch email =(

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    Hi @MauricioU , did you make a pre-order from the website after the kickstarter project had finished? The website currently says pre-orders will be shipping in June, but they'll be shipping immediately following completion of the kickstarter pledges so don't panic too much. Your ring will come soon either way!

  • thanks for responding @Lokki .

    I did pre-order from the website after the kickstarter project finished some time early March. In late March/early April my order was then cancelled due to the amount of time you guys (I'm assuming you work for the company?) waited to charge the credit card; the credit card approval lapsed or whatnot. So I was emailed and told to reorder and I was assured that even though I had to create a new order, the shipping date would not be affected and that this was just a necessary work around the system. In early March, when I originally placed the order, it said pre-orders would ship in May. Was that referring to the Kickstarter pre-orders? If so that is somewhat deceiving, as this whole time I was under the impression that MY pre-order in March would be shipping in May. And now it is May 28 and I have not received even an email which I think I would have already.

    I'm super excited for my stealth bomber, I know and understand there are production problems and am willing to wait for those, but from what I've read at the blog, there will be a vintage or classic being sent. I'm okay with that, I just want to know when I can expect to get them. Because at this rate, it doesn't seem they will ship until June, which means I probably won't get my rings until August--way later than I anticipated.

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    Hi @MauricioU - I don't actually work for the company, I'm just helping out where I can as it's a small team and they're working far too hard already to get out all the orders what with the delays from the factory.
    These delays from the factory affected the delivery of the kickstarter pledges which in turn has postponed the delivery of preorders, which is unfortunate but unavoidable - the team really needed to be able to sort out the kickstarter rewards before the pre orders.
    I'll see if we can get a solid answer on how Stealth Bomber pre-orders will be affected by the factory issue for you, @NFCringTom might be able to help us out with that.

  • thank you, @Lokki.

  • @sudders said:

    Hi. Another week on I've still not had any rings, emails or replies and am still wondering what's going on... Any news?

    I had a 12 day wait after delivery confirmation and I'm in Sydney Australia which is certainly not out of the way.

  • Hello everyone,

    Unfortunately I have not received either my NFC ring or the replacement that was sent. I tried to contact support on 03/06/2014 to make sure there were not any issues e.g. that the address/order details were correct (I double checked my kickstarter pledge and the address is correct) but have not yet had a response. Please could someone chase this up please?


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    @sudders can you post your ticket/issue number? @NFCringTom can you check please?

  • Request 7035. Thank you.

  • I see I'm not the only one, I waited a couple of weeks before logging my ticket (7169) in the hope that it might be sitting at the bottom of a post bag but nothing has come yet :(