Have been completely unsuccessful so far

  • I have a normal size ring, black/silver.
    I have not been able to get any response whatsoever from either side of the ring on my 2013 Nexus 7 nor my Moto X

    I have no trouble getting an immediate response from both devices using generic tags (cardboard disks) I got off of Amazon, even through a leather case.
    The sweet spots for the disks seem to match the heat-map in the NFC Control app.

    Yes, I have removed the protective cases and tried the ring directly on the back of both devices, and slowly moved it all over the back of the devices in different orientations.

    I have no way of knowing whether I just have a faulty ring, or I need an Alpha, or something else is going on.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hi Dave, that's a bit of a pain there from the sound of it.
    Also the first feedback we've had on the Moto X and not hugely encouraging!
    There are a couple of tricks you can try, like ring orientation - having the inlay up and down the phone and trying it that way, then trying with it side to side on the phone (vertical and horizontal). Depending on the shape of the phone's antenna the best match could be in one specific orientation only.
    You can also try rolling the inlay from one end to the other in the sweet spot and see if that helps.
    The trouble with any 'generic' tag and comparing it to the ring is that they're pretty much apples and oranges, the generic tags tend to have bigger antennas and there isn't a metal body on them so they tend to be a lot easier to read and can do so from further away. Which leads me to my next thought which is that if you're finding you have to use a sweet spot with a generic tag then there's something odd going on there. My expectation would have been that the ring would need to be touching the phone to be read and be in an extremely specific area, and the generic tag would need to be within 40 to 50 mm for a read and work over a large area of the phone.

    Do the phones acknowledge the ring at all, with even just the failed read sound? If you can get them to do that and then concentrate in that area you've got a better chance of making it all happen (the sweet spot heat map I regard as more a guide than anything else, other factors could change the location of your ring read area.)

    In the meantime, vote on the poll at the top of the page if you haven't already, and let us know here if you still have no luck.

  • I've tried every location and orientation known to man and can't get either the Nexus 7 or the Moto X to recognize the ring's presence.
    Both work fine with other NFC tags (up to 20-30mm away)...

  • Can you try it on someone else phone, friend or family...I think that's the only way to find out if the ring is faulty or not.

    The Moto X wasn't released yet at time of backing, so I know that was never tested...not sure about Nexus tablets, but I do know that it was posted that users of the Nexus 4 & 5 were told about the free upgrade to Alpha rings because Normal rings were too unreliable.

    I myself moved from a Normal to Alpha ring because I own a Nexus 4...but I haven't gotten my ring yet, so I haven't posted the results.

  • Dave,

    I am in the same boat as you. My Moto X - easily the best phone I've ever owned - has no luck reading the ring. I've taken the phone out of the Otterbox Commuter case I keep the phone in and the ring still will not work. I am a huge user of NFC tags - I have them in my car, at home, and at work. They ALL work - even with the phone in the Otterbox case. I am quite sad that the ring doesn't work :(

    Is there a version of the NFC Ring that has a bigger antenna?

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    Hi Dave
    Since with the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 it's really easy to read the normal ring (my sweet spot is left of the 'n' (with the screen facing towards you)), it seems like your ring is faulty. This is unfortunate but you can easily get it replaced.
    Please try the tags which were sent with the ring with your devices and if they work fine an the ring doesn't (at least with the nexus 7) you should mail the support (support@nfcring.com) and get your ring replaced. Please refer in your email to this thread.

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    @dswartze there is an Alpha version of the ring which is wider and has a bigger tag inside.

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    @DavePlus and @dswartze Just to be clear, if you have trouble making your Classic ring work with your devices then you can request a change to an Alpha ring by emailing support@nfcring.com

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    Have you guys with the Moto X seen this post?