Classic to Alpha swap for problem phones - poll

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    Hi everybody!

    John has proposed a swap from classic 'normal' ring to Alpha ring for those who are having legitimate read issues with their phone.
    This isn't for those who aren't happy with their choice of ring style, you'll still need to go through the returns process for that, this is for those who are having obvious and persistent read problems with their Classic normal sized ring and feel they will have better luck with the Alpha.
    Please everybody vote and feel free to comment with any reasoning or ideas, we'll give it a couple of days and then give John the results of the community's choice in the matter.

  • I voted yes because I've already switched from normal to alpha when Nexus 4 problems arose...
    I haven't gotten ring yet, but I still think this is a good option.

  • good!

  • Haven't voted yet because I think we should wait and see if the alpha solves it for everyone. Two rings that does not register is not much better than one imho. :|

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    Well, poll is now closed... thanks to those who bothered voting. I'll let John know how it turned out.

  • A whole 8 users voted. I'm sure users will post on KickStarter that they didn't know about the Forum or the Poll. :lol:

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    lol, yup. Some people just don't seem to want a say in what affects their lives...

  • Well... I didn't find it in time.
    My Regular ring, despite rolling, sliding, changing to all possible orientations known to man, including turning the ring inside-out (ok, joking on that part)..
    ... I've gotten no acknowledgement whatsoever from my Nexus 7 & Moto X (all cases removed, etc..).
    Other tags seem to work fine.

    I don't know if I just need an Alpha, or if there is something wrong with my ring.

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    Dave, have you tried with a phone from a friend or better with a nexus 7 (2013 edition)?