NFC Ring - titanium black/black

  • Got my ring(normal) today, and altough it's a bit of a pain to work with my Nexus 7 2012, I already love fiddling around with it..

    What I didn't think about when ordering was that it might be a good thing to be able to distinguish the public and private side.
    I kinda regret now that I took black inlays for top and bottom! :p

    Any Ideas how I could manage to remember which side is which? Or would there be any chance I could send it back and get a different replacement ring?
    Kinda feel bad even asking such a thing because otherwise I think the Ring is really well build!

    As mentioned, Nexus 7 2012 is kinda bad at working with the Ring, so I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on which phones work the ring the best!?
    I know there's a seperate forum an threads for that, but maybe someone here got something to say about that too :)

  • I'm going to have a couple of matching front+back rings when they arrive (a stealth bomber, and a white+white auto-replacement for the silverCF+silverCF I wanted) so will be in a similar place to you.

    I was under the impression the front and back were different sizes, but recently found out that changed and now there's no way to tell the difference visually. I've been thinking I might have to make a very small discrete mark on the private size, like a small red dot or something, just so I can tell at a glance if my public side is really my public side. Let me know how you get on, and what you come up with!

  • yeah, thought about that too, but permanent marker just sounds too permanent for such a beauty.. :)

    started today with a small stripe of transparent scotch tape, let's see how long it lasts before getting ugly or falling off..

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    Well it's difficult to differentiate the two sides of my stealth bomber ring but you could easily make a small dot with a permanent marker to get a clue.

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    you con also use non-permanent markers but it would whip off almost immediately.
    Tape is a good idea. you could also cut one of the sweet spot stickers and use that as a mark.

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    If you want it to be super discrete you could put the mark on the private side wall so that you see it if you look along your finger. That way there's nothing marring the top of the ring which everybody sees.