Thumbnail USB reader

  • I really want to use an NFC ring to provide OTP for my laptop. I bought Yubico Nano, which fits into the USB slot of my laptop with only a tiny nub sticking out:

    This only reduced my security, however, as it's easy to accidentally trigger it and it's very difficult to remove. However, the form factor is perfect. I've seen Bluetooth and Wifi adapters this small, but the smallest NFC readers I can find are the size of USB drive.

    What gives? Can someone point me to one?

  • This isn't exactly what your looking for, but it might help.
    The original NFCSecure Lockscreen...what the NFC Ring App is based on...has YubiCo YubiKey NEO support.


  • Interesting, I will definitely take a look when I can switch over from Android.

    Well, consider this project a worthy candidate for an accessory to your ring. It's significantly simpler to design and manufacture.