NFC ring order

  • I received an email that I will get normal classic ring, will I get the voucher for a carbon fibre ring, cause I want the carbon fibre one. The emails are not very clear about it. And after a last update it said that people with carbon fibre will get an email with a choice I didn't get one, I want a stealth bomber. :(

  • Community Helper

    What was your initial order?

  • Community Helper

    Orders for certain rings that had carbon fiber were changed automatically - so if the inlays were two different base colours then you wouldn't have gotten an email ie, white/black cf or silver/black cf will automatically change the cf inlay to standard black. Rings where the inlay base colour was the same would have triggered an email request for you to choose between black/white/transparent for the inlay that was carbon fiber before. Everything else at the moment like alpha/normal or titanium/black metal colours are locked in as far as I know.

    If you originally ordered a Stealth Bomber with the black carbon fiber inlay then the ring will now be black metal, black private inlay and black public inlay.

    If your ring was changed then you get the voucher for another ring but if not then you will still receive the 25% off discount voucher for your first order and pre-orders are opening very very very soon.