Differences between new OPN and Payment ring, besides the obvious.

  • HI Everyone, I feel that there is one important point that is not really being advertised well in regards to the new ring.

    Whilst its quite obvious that the OPN ring cannot make payments, it is not equally obvious that the payments ring cannot open doors etc.

    This is one really important factor that should be made more clear. When I got my payments ring (Which I got through bank west but is confirmed as McClear technology) I was quite surprised that it did not work on my door lock, or some other door locks I tested at the hardware store.

    Think about your most important use case. for me its the door, so at present despite owning a payments ring I have had to go back to my 2013 ring, (all my 2016 rings tags peeled off)

    I'm considering the OPN ring but its very expensive. And I really did think the payments ring would be able to open doors as well as make payments.

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    I wear multiple rings, so it's not such a big issue for me. A good thing to remember is if you can't do it with your NFC-enabled credit/debit card then you probably can't do it with the payment rings - it's the same system.

  • I couldn't resits and ordered the OPN ring. but will still have to choose every day between one or the other, as I don't like wearing two rings.

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    Nice. I think you're going to end up wanting to have both of them the whole time though!

  • @lokki I doubt it, after a week I chose my old 2013 ring over the payments ring.

    (I had to go back to the 2013 ring because all my 2016 rings labels peeled off, and although I was given credit to get new ones, they are sold out and have been for a long time in my size)

    Assuming I did wear both the payment and the onp, I hope they are different enough looking to tell them apart. I got black in both haha

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    lol, fair enough. I found it too convenient to be able to do both things (the payment ring wouldn't start the car, so it had to be both).