Door locks that work with the payment ring.

  • HI all

    So my payments ring does not work with my Samsung SHS-1321. the payments ring does work fine for payments and with my android trusted unlock so its probably just the door lock.

    does anyone know which door locks work with the payments ring ?

  • I can also confirm that the lockwood 001 touch also does not work with the payments ring.

    It would be great if we could have an update from someone from NFCRING on this topic.

  • Hey @jasok2 - i've had a chat with the engineering team and they confirmed that the majority of the door locks that they have tested with were not compatible with the new payment ring tech. It's mostly a firmware/applet type of issue that is actually quite difficult to solve. It's a similar reason to why you can't open these digital door locks with your normal debit/credit card. We are working on a solution to this, but we can't give a firm date on when compatible rings might be available. Other compliant payment-enabled devices on the market will suffer these same issues.

  • @chris, Thanks for getting back to the community on this. I certainly really appreciate it, you have probably just saved me a ton of time running around lock stores trying to test my ring with every lock I could find.

  • @jasok2 Still worth doing that in passing though buddy. You never know, you might find one that just 'works'. :) No promises though!

  • @Chris So I now have 2013 rings 2016 rings and a payment ring.

    I've had numerous 2016 rings they have all broken (the tags peeled off) and Whilst I was granted a voucher on the NFC ring store to buy a replacement, you no longer stock any size 10 rings from the 2016 range at all, and now that I cannot use the payment ring with my door lock I have found that today for the first time I have left my payment ring at home and instead put my old 2013 ring back on.

    I do hope you guys can resolve the issue of payment chips not working with door locks.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Hey guys I updated the Google Spreadsheet w/ what door locks work w/ the SLE77 or not so please refer to that :)