NFC ring payment method

  • Hello all, I recently purchased the ECLIPSE ring from the collection. I didnt receive it yet but im looking into some of the cool writable commands I can do when I get it. I was looking into payments and maybe linking it with google wallet, or android pay. Is something like that possible. Any info you can give me as far as payment options would be awesome. Thank you guys!

  • @Dragon
    You can link the ring to your phone as a trusted device, it will unlock you phone when you pick it up.
    As for payments, no, you can't use it to pay for anything. The chip in a payment ring and in your phone (andoid pay) is different, more secure.
    The NFC team are about to launch a payment ring, although no dates given yet. If you can't wait there's Kerv.

  • @didgesteve said in NFC ring payment method:

    If you can't wait there's Kerv.

    and Kerv is only shipping if you are in the UK. not anywhere else in the world.

  • @didgesteve Thanks for the info! I figured you couldnt do it but it couldn't hurt to ask. Il wait for the payment ring to be released. Just wish it looked a little cooler and not like a piece of plastic. A little carbon fiber would do it good. Anyway Thanks again!