Kerv - Now Live

  • Just read this online.

    I hope the ring testing is going well, good luck NFC Ring team! Loved owning the first 2 generations of rings, can't wait to use the new payment ring.

  • It's been an extremely slow process with Kerv.

    I backed on Kickstarter back in 2015, and communication since has been rather limited.

    Last year they went extremely quite while being subject to an IP dispute.

    Apparently they've started shipping to backers, but i'm still yet to even receive a 'confirm your order and shipping address' email before they ship.

    I'll no doubt get one of the payments rings here once they come out of pre-order, which will probably still arrive before my Kerv rings do.

  • @jeworge I was also a backer before knowing anything about the patent dispute. I believe they are only live in the UK. I'm in Australia and have had no communication about receiving my ring.

  • This is the mail I got yesterday:


    We can confirm we still have your request for a ring and we expect to start shipping to non-uk customers in around 4 weeks.

    Many thanks,
    Kerv Support*

    As I have of course also pre ordered the ring from this site, we will see which one arrives earlier. Checking Twitter, some people in the UK really seem to have gotten their Kervs already.

  • I got my Kerv ring a few weeks back. Actually, I got it a few months back but initially it was the wrong size, then they sent the same size, and finally I got the ring. It works. And it works most of the time. It can be a bit hit and miss at times. But my current success rate is 80% roughly.