Just purchased the new NFC ceramic ring

  • It's certainly pretty and fits perfectly however there were no printed instructions inside.

    my web search for instructions and help brought me here. I am obviously new to the forum and I'll apologize in advance for any redundancy. I've tried to use the search engine however so far I don't see any threads that are current with this topic. My only intent is to use the reading for famous such as my current iPhone Apple Pay. If this is not possible I'll simply return it. I'm not much for jewelry anyway :-). However if there is a way to link to credit card account and if this ring can be used reliably at retail locations I would love to do so. I appreciate input especially from the Lycos team.

  • @scott-allen

    Hi Scott, you certainly came to the right place.

    Unfortunately the ring you have purchased is not used for making payments. It can be used for other things such as unlocking your front door and your phone and computers etc. but not for making purchases from stores like apple or google pay.

    If you go to the store https://store.nfcring.com/ you will see on the front page a pre-orders section for the new payment ring which is due out (Hopefully) soon.

    If i were you I would contact support@nfcring.com and ask for a refund then pre-order a payments ring.

    Cheers Jason

  • Hi Scott, I can't see an order under your name on our store.

    Additionally, you mentioned 'I appreciate input especially from the Lycos team' - this leads me to believe you may have purchased a fake NFC Ring anyway.

    As @jasok2 mentioned - if you did purchase from us, drop us an email at support@nfcring.com with your order number and we'll help you with the return process.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Holy cow the Lycos infringements are so bad, I notified them several times prior to this but they are just getting worst. We might be forced into action here :(