Still waiting...

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    there seems to be a common theme regarding customer communication, when working on a NFC payment ring.
    This is exactly as Kerv behaved and is still behaving.

    The thing in common between the two companies is probably the NDA's that the credit card companies make them sign.

  • Lol I'm still waiting for my backers ring. They said it would ship within 3 weeks 4 weeks ago.

  • NFC Ring Team

    RE comms on payment stuff: We just have a good enough story to tell that it's worth waiting to tell it.. But yeah, we grow impatient here too but we'd rather not rush out something that falls apart..

    FWIW we have 5 figures of payment rings live on networks so we're getting plenty of feedback and making it awesome for when you guys get yours.

    Apologies for the wait guys!

  • @johnyma22 Do you have any idea of a "when" which can be narrowed down to a quarter or a month yet? If you can't say a "when" perhaps you could illuminate your customers and fans with a "why".

  • A proper update will be going out very shortly - but just to give a bit more of a hint for our immediate community here; We have rings. Lots of them. They work and have been in the field being tested for a long time now. We're literally at the final stages of dotting i's and crossing t's with some back-end processes, ensuring end to end testing is on-point and will be launching as soon as humanly possible once we're comfortable everything is gtg! Stay tuned and thanks for the continued patience.

  • @Chris May I offer my testing services? I'm a professional programmer, 54 years young, 30 years experience of Windows and all things Microsoft; also a platform agnostic, responsive, web app developer using Microsoft technologies. Currently tinkering with PWAs. One of those rare creatures with a Windows 10 phone and a pouch made of fairy wings full of unicorn tears and hens' teeth. Let me know. Happy to pitch in.

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    Still in the dark about 'good news'

  • Any news on a release date yet? I pre-orded mine and was hoping to have an update on a release by now. Hope it comes out soon!

  • Im starting to get a bit bored of waiting for the ring now I might just go and but one from another company =/

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    might just

    a certain other company that says its shipping is kinda lying. They are only shipping in the UK not to the rest of the world.

  • @jasok2
    I've had my Kerv ring for 6 weeks now, works perfectly. Being a bit of a geek I signed up to both companies, being determined to be the first person in my town to pay by hand gesture. My money was on NFC ring being first once I heard about the court case in America. Did they spent too much money on lawyers and not enough on R&D?
    Having the technology working is only half way, you then have to build a robust web platform to deliver it on. Perhaps that's the issue here?

  • @didgesteve I also signed up for both not knowing about the law suit at the time. Its quite annoying that Kerv are all were shipping were shipping and the pressure is off for them when all the international backers have received nothing :(

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    when all the international backers have received nothing :(

    I guess you can thank NFC for that :/

  • I backed Kerv back in 2015, they stated then they expected them to be out in April 2016. They just stopped giving updates and now all you get is estimate on dispatch from their support team. Told me 4 weeks, after 6 weeks contacted again and told another 2 weeks, after a further 3 weeks contacted again and told my Kerv ring would be posted out on monday. Yet again it failed to arrive. Received an email today from support saying they aim to send it out in 4 weeks. They really, really need to give all the backers and pr-order people waiting a full and truthful explanation about the delay. Looking at other forums and twitter it definatly looks like the new customers are getting priority over the backers. I would not hold your breath waiting for yours to arrive. Perhaps all the people still waiting on Kerv to actually supply the promised rings should get together and consult a solicitor.

  • @nch20031 Do you live in the UK or somewhere else? I've heard the Kerv ring is only available in the UK.

  • @geekguy100 said in Still waiting...:

    I've heard the Kerv ring is only available in the UK.

    NFC have a restraining order out against Kerv

    A quick serch found this

  • When will flash something new I am going crazy for that update.

  • @johnyma22 said in Still waiting...:

    We're due to start notifying and fulfilling some pre-orders super soon :) Sit tight!

    Six months on from 'super soon' now. Any details that you can share with us?

  • @chris

    Hi Chris,

    Another month has gone by 🙁

    Still no announcements or details of a shipping date for the Payment Ring.

    What on earth is going on to keep you all so silent for so long? Courts or cock-ups?


  • @johnyma22

    Another month or so has gone by 🙁

    Still no announcements or details of a shipping date for the Payment Ring.

    What on earth is going on to keep you all so silent for so long? Courts or cock-ups?