NFC Ring with Payment technology

  • Dear NFCRing teamyour work are very interesting, thank you for bring it to real world
    I had questions about NFC Ring with Payment technology,

    Q1. is it work with 'Mastercard paypass' and 'Visa paywave'?
    Q2. do I need to create initial setup from Ring?
    Q3. if some bank had NFC payment feature, can you ring clone that ID? (Please have a look Emirates NBD Pay)

  • Any idea when we will get another update on when the rings will begin shipping?

  • Hello. I'm looking forward to an update on shipping for this also. I'm anxious to start using my new ring for payments!

  • I'm also interested in the progress of the payment ring.

    With my current ring's inlay threatening to pop out, the lack of size 9 stock with advice of no foreseeable stock replenishment and replacements I've been forced to order that are too small and uncomfortable.

    Soon I'll be left with no ring.

  • I also would love an update, Realising full well that there are NDA's etc, but hopeful there is some small update or time estimate we can be given.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Going as quick as we can guys! We're rocking though!

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