Remove Asus NFC Express from Windows Login

  • Hi,

    Sorry for posting this here but it's the only place I know of where I might get a response.

    Basically I'm trying to remove my Asus NFC Express and so far I have disconnected it and removed the Asus NFC Express software from the auisuite 3, but the NFC login screen is still active and I don't understand how I remove it?!

    I tried searching for it but only got one response saying that there is a registry key that needs to be changed, well I don't have that registry key at all, not its parent folder OR that one's parent folder.. so.. How the F do I remove the login screen for NFC? I want to be able to directly input my password without changing the user.

    Edit: This is in regards to a Windows 10 PC

    Thank you!

  • So I got a response from Asus support that basically just asked me to change the registry entry, which doesn't exist on my system. Replied with that information and got a response that they didn't know what was wrong on my system then and suggested I re-install Windows.... So I'll just continue using it I guess. =/

  • NFC Ring Team

    Ugh, keep us posted, it sounds painful and the Asus Express product is not the best :(

  • ok so I've uninstalled this ASUS software before. however its all fuzzy in my memory as it was a while ago.

    From memory there is some central piece of ASUS management software and the ASUS NFC express is a plugin to that software.

    So first you have to remove the ASUS NFC plugin, then you can remove the ASUS management software. (assuming you are not using any other ASUS plugins for anything else)

  • @jasok2 I do use the Asus AI Suite for Thermal Radar 2 (fan controller), but either way I did try uninstalling it in that order but it made no difference.

  • @SanyaIV Sorry to hear that, I guess there is always "format c:" a little extreme but everyone needs to start fresh now and then.

    (warning - The above was a joke, don't actually format your C drive unless you want to wipe your computer)