Remove Asus NFC Express from Windows Login

  • Hi,

    Sorry for posting this here but it's the only place I know of where I might get a response.

    Basically I'm trying to remove my Asus NFC Express and so far I have disconnected it and removed the Asus NFC Express software from the auisuite 3, but the NFC login screen is still active and I don't understand how I remove it?!

    I tried searching for it but only got one response saying that there is a registry key that needs to be changed, well I don't have that registry key at all, not its parent folder OR that one's parent folder.. so.. How the F do I remove the login screen for NFC? I want to be able to directly input my password without changing the user.

    Edit: This is in regards to a Windows 10 PC

    Thank you!

  • So I got a response from Asus support that basically just asked me to change the registry entry, which doesn't exist on my system. Replied with that information and got a response that they didn't know what was wrong on my system then and suggested I re-install Windows.... So I'll just continue using it I guess. =/

  • NFC Ring Team

    Ugh, keep us posted, it sounds painful and the Asus Express product is not the best :(

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