Read-only tag, wrong NTAG?

  • Hi,

    I've just received a replacement Horizon ring due to the tags coming off the last one and now have a new problem. I sent the following to support but they suggested to post in the forums first...

    I can't seem to write anything to the transparent tag. The black tag is fine and works as expected but the other reads as an empty tag and no app I've tried can let me write to or format it. Also, it's detected by android app 'NFC Tools' as an NTAG206 where the black tag is detected as NTAG216; not sure if that's right or not?

  • Community Helper

    Hey there Tom, that tag really shouldn't show up as the wrong type. They should both be NTAG216 and I'm not aware of anything that can fix it.

    @johnyma22 got a second opinion?

  • NFC Ring Team

    NXP TagWriter has a Clean / Erase function, give that a whirl?

    RE App detecting it wrong, must be an app bug?

  • @johnyma22

    That's what I've been using; here's the output:

    Erase -> write failed
    Quick Format -> Write protect failed (unknown error)

    The app detecting is wrong detects the black tag correctly so seems unlikely it's a bug there given TagWriter can't write to it.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Sounds like we need to replace this ring, bump support and link this thread :)