My 'personal info inlay' part doesnt work.

  • Hi.

    My personal info inlay part inscripted with the key logo doesnt seem to work. I cannor put information into this inlay using ur app. I thought it was ur android application issue so I used another app. And it does plant information well on the 'public info inlay' part well while it says 'write error' when doing the same thing using key logo part. I used an app called 'nfc tools'.

    Ur advertisement says I can give my friends my personal info but I have never been able to do that because even ur app doesnt support that. With the peronsonal inlay part the swipe works but I can never inscribe information. I bought this great gala nfc ring on

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    Hi, just to confirm, did you get an NFC Ring from John's Kickstarter or did you get one of Ricky's GalaRings?

    We can attempt to steer you in the right direction here regardless, but there may be issues with the GalaRing that we're not actually aware of as it's constructed rather differently to John's NFC Ring.

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    I bought this great gala nfc ring on

    Hi ceg82 and welcome to the NFC Ring forum.

    I just want to make sure there is no confusion. [url=]This is the NFC Ring from Kickstarter.[/url:1oikdd8d] We're not from the Gala Ring team. Please checkout our Website.
    If you want you can also subscribe to the newsletter and get a notification when preorders open.

  • Thanks both of u two above. Galaring sucks. I want to buy ur new ring. Thanks!!

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    Glad to hear it, and happy to have helped. ;-)
    Don't forget to sign your email up on the website and you'll be notified when you're able to purchase!

  • I purchased a Gala Ring knowing its shortcimings. I bought it to see if improvement could be made and in the process removed the tag inserted an additional layer between the tag and the ring and glued into place. I was able to get a signal through a Ballist SG MAXX and to my Nexus 5 and in fact used the FrankenGala for a couple weeks waiting on my NFC Ring. So now the I had operated on Gala and received the NFC Ring to test it out I think I should do a small comparison. Firstly the Gala is very uncomfortable it is like wearing an incorrectly sized piece of pipe. BUT if they would use a comfort band design, use titanium, and properly attach and protect the tag it could be MUCH better. The tag needs an addituinal layer of material between the ring and a thinkness that would support being able to resin the tag in place. There is room to improve NFC Ring also as its signal can not clear protective cases well if at all.

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    did you order an alpha or a normal ring?

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    @bramzee, mileage can vary wildly between phones, even examples of the same model. This is because the phone is the device powering the ring and if that power transfer isn't properly efficient then you get poor communication, tiny sweet spots etc. A properly built and well maintained phone has a far better hit rate with the NFC Ring (I've had great success with the Xperia range, they have an excellent antenna size and design).
    It does look like phone manufacturers will be adjusting the way they do things though and this should mean a major improvement from the active reader side of things in the future.