NFC Ring with Infineon Chip

  • Is it true that you are using Infineon chip for enabling payment usecases ? If Yes, Please describe more about the collaboration with infineon ? If No, what is inside NFCRing (Payment Version) and how did you tackle EMV certification?

  • NFC Ring Team

    We're using Infineon in some products yeah. We collaborate on wafer supply, technical etc. What specifically did you want to know?

    EMV certification was very hard, the biggest problem obviously being antenna matching. We spent a lot and did a lot of iterations to get a design that works. We're working the EMV technical group to try and draft a new spec for ring based payments. EMV certification is pretty expensive both from an analogue and digital perspective and in total probably took 2 years of work! What specifically did you want to know?


  • How did you manage to get payment use-cases which is highly impossible with such small form factor ( Hats off guys )? What kind of Chip you used and of course how did u designed EMV specs based antenna ?

  • NFC Ring Team

    We will release chip specifics along with datasheets when the time is right.

    We basically did a lot of work doing the antenna matching part IE remodelling antennas. Most of this work was done manually but once we had a matched design (back in 2014) we used computer modelling software to iterate to get the correct matched components for each ring size.

    We have 20 different antenna products, one for each size ring. Each which took about a day to computer simulate and the tooling for each is a five figure amount.. It's super resource exhausting to make these antennas and rings!

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    atasheets when the time is righ

    Wooahhh !!! Thats great !! Seems that you took alot of efforts to bring that specs live in such a impossible formfactor. I wish you a very good luck. Thank you.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Thanks :)