What are the possibilities?

  • Jad1 

    Aug 16, 20:04 BST
    I’ve been using the Microsoft Wallet in a Lumia 950 XL for POS payments. Getting an NFC ring is definitely on my list of gadgets to buy. Can NFC rings be used without pulling a phone out of my pocket for every purchase? If so, how does it work when I must first wave the phone on the reader to active the my wallet, second use my pass code, then wave it again to pay? Also, once the ring is programed for payments via one card, how many other uses are available? Can I tie it to a second card? For example, I’ll have a second virtual card for our transit system that uses tap and pay. Also I’d like to use the ring for other things like unlocking devices and any variety of other things I might discover. To sum it up, I’m wondering how many features are available and what the limit is in terms of the number of uses that can be programed at one time.

    Any insights regarding its use is helpful.

    Thank you!

  • @HDHUNTER The current ring cannot be used for payments at all, but you can pre-order the payments ring and it will work just like the chip in your credit card. with all the same convenience and limitations. I understand that at this point in time it is unclear if the chip in the payments ring will be writable or not.

    Basically it is dumb. no power no computer so it wont be as flexible as your phone, however it never needs a recharge and is always in a convenient location.

    Disclaimer - I'm speaking of what I have learned second hand only, I was not privileged enough to be a tester so I cannot speak from personal experience.

  • Thank you this is helpful.