Ring without NFC

  • I would like to use my NFC chip in the ring.
    Can I buy an empty* ring?
    *empty - not inlaid NFC chip
    I could just buy the ring is to thin out the epoxy and replace the chip, but I would like not to bother

  • Community Helper

    Hi, What do you want to do with a ring-blank? Inserting your own chip with an antenna is not recommended.

    Futhermore, a 3D printed version is recommended if you're trying to make your own, where you can modify the size as needed.

  • I admire the construction of this ring in general and your antenna in particular.
    There any chance to order the ring separately and NFC?

  • Community Helper

    I think there's a slight misunderstanding here - a ring blank would have no IC and no antenna.
    To fit your own IC in the ring you'd either have to design your own antenna to suit the inlay hole or re-use one from a broken inlay.
    You might be able to chat to @johnyma22 about it, but I believe in the past he's been against the idea in general simply because there's no way for them to provide support for it and the confusion that could possibly occur around a ring that looks like a NFC Ring but isn't.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Yea I mean it's doable but the cost in our engineering / development time is going to be considerably higher than just buying some rings and pulling out the inlays (or whatever)!

    Obv this would invalidate any warranty but we'd do our best to support you however we'd probably need to invoice on an hourly basis for our time invested in a project like this!