I am calling "Bull S**T" on this ring

  • Writing this in this forum, even though its not 100% related, simply because your all geeky gadget ring lovers and probably understand just how difficult it would be to pull off.

    I really want to believe that this is real, but I just don't feel that our technology is quite there yet for this to
    A- be real and
    B- be any good.

    Someone please correct me if you think I am wrong and that this type of tech is actually possible with today's level of Technology.


  • im not an expert on bioimpedance in any way shape or form, but if this technology was up and running why arent we using it for diabetic pumps and such?
    much better than under the skin stuff that has only just been released.....
    @Lokki you seems to know a little about alot

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    1. It's Indiegogo and in my own personal opinion from backing projects there, they're asses that allow anyone to start a project without any real checks and balances and with zero followup when things turn awkward.
    2. There is no prototype shown, only referenced further down the project page. Bear in mind that a prototype could work but might be a ring with a bundle of wires going elsewhere to sensors/ICs/etc the size of a tennis ball.
    3. "...(Note* Rings shown in video and the renderings represent our vision of the product. Actual BioRing may differ slightly.)..."
    4. "...The battery lasts for up to one week...", "...BioRing saves your data for up to one week..."

    Those are some pretty big claims for hardware you can cram in a ring. Even without 1, 2 and 3 I'd be backing away carefully after reading their FAQ. I really love the assertion that the ring is going to magically calculate your carb, fat and protein intake. From your finger.
    And a 35mAh 3.7v battery is roughly 12x15x4 mm. Wear that on your finger. "...Actual BioRing may differ slightly..."


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    3.55 mm thick ring guys.... Our Eclipse is 2mm.. It's nearly TWICE the thickness of the Eclipse, it's completely unwearable.... -- Think Logbar for those who got one of those abominations!

    Some red flags.

    • Tiny battery, LiPo, no info on safety of wearing a LiPo
    • As already mentioned, no prototype available
    • Flex funding set @ $50k
    • Plastic ring
    • Indiegogo
    • No product design experience.
    • It infringes our patents and they haven't licensed.
    • 12mm Thick, the Alpha is 12mm so this is a chunky beast.
    • No antenna or BLE component in render.

    This is just another smartyring / logbar...

    Pretty funny though but super sad to see so many people falling for it.. Yet again..... ... .. .. Indiegogo audience are suckers for punishment ;)

    At best they are 2 years from launching. There are already commercial offerings WITH $M's INVESTMENT that have 99% of this tech already in an embodiment who are still months away from launching..