MasterCard (ING) and Europe (Spain): will it work?

  • Hi there,

    Forgive the silly questions but...:

    1 - What if I do have not a VISA but a MasterCard?
    2 - Will it work in Spain with ING?
    3 - Can I swap cards when I want or..?

    Thank you for your help!!!


  • Community Helper

    Hello, @Domenico .
    What exactly are you trying to achieve here? Could you please elaborate ?

    You cannot pay with the current NFCRings available. If you are talkng about the VISA Ring available at the select area of Rio, for the Olympic games, they only work with VISA, in Rio at this moment.

  • @Andreas sorry for my English.

    Yes I meant about it, the Rio's Visa Ring... Then, if I buy it, how could then use it in Spain?
    Or when could I use it?

    Thank y for your help.

    Ps: am I in the wrong blog?