What phone should I buy

  • I have 5 mobiles and not one uses NFC ?
    I have to buy a phone that has NFC what is the best way to go buy a cheep phone that uses NFC or a more expensive one.
    Totally confused.

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    It's not really confusing though.
    Just see what kind of cheap phones are available and then look them up on gsmarena.com
    If they've got NFC you'll find out there.

  • Avoid an iPhone for now, as they lock down what you can and cannot do with NFC at present. Hopefully this will change in the future.

    my personal favourites are the google Nexus line of phones.

  • @Lokki
    Many Thanks Lokki.
    My iPhone's as you know are not able and I have a radio amateur phone Digoor dt1 that says its NFC. installed a program that said NFC is in the phone but cannot be found user error this end but have now ordered a phone this morning.

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    @Ken-Johnson You might need to switch on NFC in settings on the phone
    edit: Something else I've been noticing more and more - some phones have the NFC antenna on the battery, and some misguided people have been peeling those off because reasons. You might need to check that hasn't happened.

  • Jasok2
    Many Thanks I have the iPhone phones and the watches and also iPads that what confused me. They will not work with NFC
    The Apple System is very good but I find I carry one phone that does not back up the watch and if you use walking sticks its awkward so the NFC ring is the way to go.

  • @Lokki
    The phone Digoor was bought new and there has been no stickers removed followed the NFC instructions how to connect and there is nothing there been in all the System looking for ways to connect the phone makes a vibration noise but nothing? The ring vibrates in a few places.I am looking for a easyer way.

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    @Ken-Johnson I'm not having any luck finding that particular phone online, can you give me a link?

  • http://www.hamradio.co.uk/
    My del is what it's called orange and black armour

  • Community Helper

    @Ken-Johnson ah, thanks for that - it looks like the MyDEL don't actually ship with NFC.

  • Lokki
    Thank You again
    With getting noises and vibrations I thought it was working the app I downloaded said my phone was NFC not being a PC user Apple only it was making me think time to ask someone who knows.

  • Community Helper

    @Ken-Johnson no worries, happy to help out. It's a shame, they're a cool idea for a phone. If only they supported a few more wireless protocols/methods.

  • Well I bought a Gentag NFC phone.
    That should work as yet cannot find its sweet spot but after my holidays I will give it another try the aerial is on the back case and for the size it should be popping but I think it could be user error.
    More fun to be had😬

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    @Ken-Johnson when you''re looking for a read, try to orient the ring with the antenna rather than against it, and sometimes it helps if you sweep through where it should be read rather than tap against the body of the phone.

  • I have a Capital N on screen I have scanned the full back both sides of the ring and so far nothing tried horizontal and vertical with ring it will work but with packing for holiday and this heat no joy will leave for the time being and go back at a quiet time😳

  • NFC Ring Team

    Gentag failed as a business didn't they? They gave up on phones and started making patches that no one buys :|

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