Bug: Unlocking during active call

  • Working from home today, on a conference call. Normally with android when you are on a call it won't ask for a password when you unlock. It will ask for your password if you try to access anything other than the active call. Or at least that is how I remember it working. I have a password enabled because it is required by BYOD. When I unlock, my password screen flashes for a moment then the NFC unlock screen pops up. It appears NFC is not turned on because I can not get anything to scan during that time. The password I am referring to is the android default pattern password.

    HTC One - Sprint

    /e same problem when you lock the phone during navigation.

  • Community Helper

    Hi mate, you wouldn't want to add those to the github would you? https://github.com/mclear/Android_NFC_Ring_Unlock