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  • i got a questin before i pre order the new ring with payment. how would i be able to add my bank details to the ring in order to make payments via nfc?

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    To which ring?
    If you have a payment ring, I believe the ring itself is linked to an account by a financial institution.
    In Australia, Mastercard briefly had an NFC tag that we could get and then link to an existing account via a serial number.
    Perhaps the new breed of Visa rings will work in a similar fashion. We'll have to wait and see.

  • @Lokki since were both from Mel, vic will it work here?? and how will configure it??

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    Yeah, @Omer , I'd hazard an educated guess that Australia will be perfectly set up for using an NFC payment ring, what with the way we've taken to paywave and paypass terminals. I'm not sure how you mean though, with "configure"? Most of the behind-the-scenes stuff will be down to the banks and transaction providers.

  • By configure I'm mean how will I register my bank info to the ring. So I can paypass. because I'm with nab

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    Edit, to remove masses of useless stuff.

    If you click the "pre-order" button on at the moment it will ask for your email to add you to the mailing list. As soon as there's an update on availability or usage then you should get an email.

    As far as I'm aware it should be fine to work on the contactless readers in Australia, they're everywhere and they are proven to work with small tags (I've tried it myself with bank-issued ones).

    Until there is more info directly from the NFC Ring guys we won't know whether it'll be pre-paid or added to your current account or whatever, we'll have to wait and see. By all means add your name to the mailing list!

  • so i pre-order a ring from and when it comes in do i call my bank? or will my bank be issuing the rings??

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  • Infineon press release is also out about the ring:

    Some clarifications would be nice to know how to use the ring after we buy it?

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    I'll second that. @johnyma22 can you share anything with us about the format of the ring-as-card - will it be linked to existing account, a prepaid card that we can pre-load with funds, or some combination of these?

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    Not able to confirm anything yet guys, apologies... Please sit tight and as soon as we can release info we will!

    I appreciate how frustrating this is but we want to ensure the optimum UX and that means taking our time and doing things right!

  • @johnyma22 hi guys pretty new to the work of nfc and looking to preorder a new payment ring potentially. Just wanting to clarify a few things

    1- does the payment method require a top up or does it link directly to the Visa card via the token system?

    2- I can't see a Paypal method? Sorry I'm a stickler for Paypal haha.

    3- what's the life expectancy of the ring assuming there is just regular use?

    And if anyone has any input they think might be useful I'm more than open to it.

    Cheers ben

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    1. We haven't released how we're doing this yet :)
    2. See #1 :)
    3. The limitation is the expiration put in place by an issuer, IE if your issuer specifies 8 years on a card then it will be the same on the ring :)

  • dang I was hoping it was just a case of refreshing the new card onto the ring. Never the less I'll be keeping an eye on it still I want one haha.

    Will it only be linked to the new card that comes with it? Or can it link to my current visa

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    Hey man, sorry but I really can't share that info right now like I said in previous posts :) As soon as I can I will!

  • Well this is interesting

    Update 8/26: Visa tells us that the payment-capable NFC Ring isn't the same product as what athletes tried. It just happens to embody the same general concept. With that said, Visa says it has "future plans" for the tech it showed off -- you'll just have to wait longer to see that.

    from here

    @johnyma22 I bet your actually dying to tell us what's happening if not for those pesky NDA's !

  • All good thanks for replying👍🏿

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    @jasok2 :) Yep and remember what journalists write is often incorrect.

    The Engadget article is inaccurate and unfortunately Engadget didn't even attempt to contact ourselves or Visa before publishing...

    While I appreciate the coverage the journalist dropped the ball here by not reaching out to me/us..

    So yeah, TLDR; don't believe what you read in tech blogs :P *Source: Silicon Valley.

  • @johnyma22 I'm just wondering if there any updates on payment Rings that you are allowed to tell us all about ATM ??