Can I set up my Samsung S5 to require both android password and nfc ring swipe to unlock?

  • Can I set up my Samsung S5 running lollipop 5.0 to require both the android lock screen password and the nfc ring swipe to unlock the phone for increased security?

    I hope this is possible, I had the impression it would be possible to do this.. was I wrong?

    Help much appreciated.

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    should be possible if you use the nfc ring unlock app and the stock lock screen

  • @Lafunamor I shall have another shot at it when my computer minded friend has time.. thought so too but couldn't seem to get it to work.. Put a pin in but it did not remove the google password option. Wait for my Horizon to arrive then I will make the attempt : )

  • I did configure mine, prior to switching to smart lock, to use my normal swipe pattern plus unlock nfc. Having removed all my registered rings leaving just the pin unlock in the nfc unlock I then had pattern + nfc ring password.