Need help disabling the android lock screen

  • So that seems like an easy fix until you see...

    There is no option for "None".
    This only occurred after I enabled a pattern lock so I could setup the google NFC Trust Agent (which randomly stopped working and was unreliably useless). Now I can't disable the built in screen lock. I rang google support and they said that this was by design and the option would not be restored. Hopefully they are wrong.

    The NFC Ring Unlock app is pretty good but unless you set "use with no lockscreen" it's kinda pointless. All of the notification drop down and everything in it is still available without this option (which is quite a lot of what the phone can do).

    So I'm having to use another app called "No Lock Screen 2015" that disables the built in lock screen except when I've just rebooted the device at which point, I end up with 2 lock screens on top of each other (and all the associated problems).

    My real request is for the NFC Ring Unlock app to add the ability to disable the google lock screen when "use with no lockscreen" is set. If anyone knows how to get the "None" option back in the google security settings, i'll take that too.

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    HTC One M8?

  • Its a Nexus 5 running whatever the latest android is (6.0.2 i think). But I assume that other people are going to start losing the "none" option as they upgrade their phones or OS.

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    Uhhhhhhhh, that's worrying... Is this a new thing that's widely documented? I can put Google's eyes here if we can confirm this is a thing..

  • It might have something to do with Android Pay, or some other related app that has support to make payments via NFC. I've heard these need the device to have the lockscreen on for safety.

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    If I remember correctly this is part of Googles plans to make the devices / Android more secure. I think new devices (Android 6 and up) will force you to set a security screen. I could remember wrong though.

  • @Lafunamor
    That is what the Google support people told me (I rang them). I think if it's set to "none" already, it'll keep that for now, but if you enable a lockscreen and then restart or something, the "none" option will be gone.

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    I bumped my Google contact to try and get some confirmation on this.

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    So this appears to be a bit of a minefield.. I am awaiting clarity before posting a response. Please be patient :)

  • Hi,
    I have a bit more info. I tried the solutions to the "greyed out none option" problem on Google, even though mine is missing rather than greyed out and it didn't fix the problem. In theory, if it had been one of these problems, the "swipe" option would also be similarly affected so I'm pretty sure that this is not the case.

    Specifically I tried clearing my credentials (i had no user credentials anyway). I removed my exchange account. I cleared all the checkboxes for everything in the device administrators.
    I havent tried a full hard reset yet (because I'd have to save all the data on my phone first).

    The option is still entirely missing.