using the ring as an nfc security opener

  • Hi everyone! My company uses an nfc tag to open doors all over the building. Is it possible to use the ring the same way? If yes, how?

  • You'd have to convince the staff to register your ring as a valid tag, if they are compatible. Most of them are, the hard part is the convincing...

  • The company agreed but can't seem to install the tag. Do you know if the NET 2 software is compatible?

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    @cadwe said:

    NET 2 software is compatible?

    What software do you mean. And further what ring version do you have?

  • I have a similar question. I have to carry an annoying little fob around all day to get into buildings and garages in my apartment complex. My hands are often full and I would rather swipe my NFC ring than drop everything and dig for my NFC fob/tag. If like to read my fob and wite the information to the ring. Is that possible/doable? I have an iPhone, so what I need is a reader/writer I can use with my Windows 10 PC. Any suggestions on the hardware to buy for this? Thanks!

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    You'd most likely instead need to talk to security and see if they can add your ring as a security device, if it's compatible.