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  • G'day,
    I just got my new phone (950xl) and am trying to set up the nfc ring. I have downloaded the nfc ring control app. When I go to register, it does not see the ring.
    I know where the nfc chip is on the phone. Is there any settings I should change in the phone or the app?
    Is there a step by step guide somewhere. My googling just shows people swiping their rings on the back of their phones and it just works.
    Any help would be apprehiated.


  • @Bucket23
    I don't know what's changed, but phone now see's the ring. I didn't do anything different. I open the app and go to register the ring, the phone makes the noise that it sees the ring but the app doesn't do anything. There was no code that jumped out or anything. How do I now use the app to unlock my phone?

    Thanks in advance

  • NFC Ring Team

    I wonder if this is due to that weird thing where windows phone needs an NDEF record on the ring before writing. It should have come with an NDEF record pre-written on the ring though..

    If you interact with the ring <> phone do you get a popup asking to open a website?

  • Community Helper

    @Bucket23 said:

    How do I now use the app to unlock my phone?

    as far as I know this is not available on Windows Phone as they don't support custom lock screens.

  • Thanks everyone. Just realised the unlock part is only for android and not windows phone. Hopefully windows will allow this in the future.
    I'll just be playing around with it to open apps and such now.

  • Community Helper

    I suggest you try Windows Hello or Helo or what ever they called it. It seems to work quite well.

  • NFC Ring Team

    Don't think Windows Hello supports NFC

  • Community Helper

    No but it's also a good way to unlock your phone

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