Limited user-accessible storage on my 2016 ring

  • I've got my ring, and the improved read distance is perfect! But I'm having trouble with the tag's writable storage size. The kickstarter page says the new rings have 888 bytes of user accessible storage, but I'm having trouble writing 120 bytes of content with an error that the tag is too small. I can write those same 120 bytes to another tag, and I can write 108 bytes to my ring, so I don't think it is a software issue. Any advice?

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    @Matt-Wise that's an odd one. Is it both sides/inlays or just one of them?

  • Looks like both sides. But I haven't verified the exact storage capacity of each side. I know the other tag is less than 146 bytes for sure, but I'll need to borrow a friend s phone to get a more exact number.

  • @Matt-Wise , that's weird, download NFC Tools for android and read the Tag. It will tell you everything about it including the writeable space. It should give you enough info to figure out what's going on and its a free app.

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    I wonder if it's an NFC Ring Control bug? Afaik NFC Ring Control does some fancy shit w/ detecting make/model of ring and figuring out available space. I wonder if he used a 2013 ring first when registering and it's remembered his usable space from that?

    Don't blame me, I only write these things ;)

  • Maybe it was a software issue after all. Thanks for the tip @jasok2, That app shows more writable space, and using different software I've been able to write to more of the data. The app I was using is called 'tagstand writer', maybe it's just got issues with the newer chip.

    Thanks guys!

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    hehe all good glad this is sorted :)