Any chance for 2016 aplhas for original backers that have problems with the normal ones?

  • Hi there, I am one of the original 2013 backers. (This is not just an additional wall of complaints, please bear with me ;-) )

    Because I really wanted a stealth bomber ring I pledged for the collector edition back then. Surprisingly I found that (at least for me) the normal Rings are really uncomfortable, sometimes painful to wear, while the alpha was really comfortable.

    As I configured all my three Rings with carbon fiber inlays I was told I'd get three new rings after the initial consolation rings.

    That is why I never went for a replacement of my alpha size ring which already broke a few weeks down the line, because water had found its way beneath the coating and made the inner inlay unusable.

    Then I heard about the new rings and the vouchers and thought I'd just get myself one of the new 2016 alpha size rings then.

    Now I received the email with the announcement of the availability of the new 2016 rings in the shop, with the note that the vouchers will expire in less than three weeks(!) without any trace of new alpha size rings.

    Am I really out of luck here or is there a faint hope for people like me?

    I really don't want to just turn the vouchers into rings I wont wear and most likely just sell on ebay... (Everyone around me that could get some use out of them and I could gift them is also a backer of the 2013 campaign.)

  • Community Helper

    AFAIK Ceramic Alphas haven't been made yet, they may be in future - @johnyma22 should be able to provide an answer here.
    But the short of it is that your vouchers are for Normal rings, not Alpha. You should give them a try at least, they're quite different to the titanium ones.

  • NFC Ring Team

    TLDR is we don't have the funds to make the blanks for alphas.

    When a $20k+ order lands specifically for alphas we will make them.

  • Thank you for the clear response!

    I'll try the new horizons and just in case get one of the signature alphas.


  • There does not appear to be a mention of vouchers sans alpha, at least the older style. It appears possible to add an (old school) alpha signature as well as signature and helios/eclipse in the store.

  • Sorry that should have been pre-order horizon/eclipse rather than helios.