Why contactless cards are safe

  • Dijsselbloem doesn't think very highly of the rest of the humans, does he? He reminds me of our director; he believes that if he lowers our annual inspection target, we'll use it to perform even less inspections. Sounds to me like two really insecure people.

  • He's the minister of finance. Not trusting other people with money is basically the nature of the creature. :)

    The banking sector is expecting the user base to share the responsibility of online banking and wireless transactions. Yet they [banking sector] are pushing online banking (so that they can cut costs by closing their local establishments; which they have, and are progressing on as we speak), as are their retail partners pushing wireless transaction (to increase transaction rate in the hope that the consumer is more inclined to spend).
    Now I consider myself a very capable person when it comes to basic -- and to some degree advanced -- security. I try to keep up to snuff with the latest news in regards to, as well as daily living of what I've learned. How can you ask Joe Sixpack to share the responsibility? Or the elderly for that matter? My parents for example. They're around their 60s, didn't grow up with computers, and barely know how to use a search engine, barely know how to drag and drop a file, and barely know what a URL is. Imagine how difficult it has been for me to inform my parents on the do's and don'ts of online banking. I'm basically their IT guy. I keep their system clean, and I weekly help them with their stumbling blocks. If they didn't had me; good luck to the banks expecting them to be responsible.

    Besides that, the financial penalty is plain childish indeed. Has anyone ever enjoyed the process of going through the grinding mill with a bank at the other end of the line, in the instance you're the victim of fraud? 'Of course people enjoy that. That's why you need a financial penalty in place to keep the commoner on its toes.'

  • You mean to tell me you don't enjoy that?! I loved it both times! And I wasn't stressed at all that someone across the world used my card!
    The bank sends my dad a debit card every time the previous expires and every time he cuts it in two. Good luck convincing this guy to go online banking, touch less payments or whatever new way of payment you can come with, lol

  • I saw this and thought people may like to read it as its NFC relevant


  • bumping an old topic but worth it

    i agree with @Lokki older comments.
    i myself have never actually seen a confirmed case of rfid skimmed data being used to preform a transaction
    not personaly...

    every single story i hear is prefaced with
    "i know someone who"