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  • Hello,
    I'm a men's rings designer and I use 3D printing for all my creations. I am really excited of being able to design an interactive ring that will open doors, unlock phones and do other awesome stuff, but I don't really get how to do it. I watched the video "3D printing your own NFC ring". Unfortunately I still do not understand how do I get your magical NFC tag, and how to attach it to my ring. Do i make the ring myself or do I need to send you the model? Do I need to leave a rectangular space for the tag? If yes, what should be it's size? Is there a step by step guide? Thanks in advance.

    Andrey Koshman - Koshmanrings

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    Hi @Koshman
    Welcome to the forums.
    When the kickstarter was active there was a pledge level that allowed you to print your own ring with a Mclear NFC Tag. So the magic is actually provided by John's company still - it's not something that can easily be done, designing your own ring sized tag.
    So the tag space will need to be a rectangle of an appropriate size/height to accommodate a ring tag. I may have a spare at my house the next state over (I'll check in a day when I get back there), or @johnyma22 might be able to help you out if I can't.
    That said, we'd love if you felt like sharing your designs with us here, and if you do that and would be interested in a QA fail ring for testing purposes then I'd be happy to help out there. The QA Fails have failed visually before being tested any further and are being used as a free gift incentive.

  • Hi Lokki,

    I don't see here an option to add images so here you go a couple of links to the rings that I made. Please tell me what I need to do to get a QA fail ring. I live in Paris so sending one might be a bit tricky.

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    Hi @Koshman

    John has his ring specs available here:

    If you send me a private message we can sort something out with a QA fail ring in return for sharing your work on here.

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